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2023 The Effects of Mandatory Speed Limits on Crash Frequency - A Causal Machine Learning ApproachMetz-Peeters, Maike
2023 A mechanism of proportional contributions for public good gamesRafat Beigpoor Shahrivar; Duesterhoeft, Ilka; Rogna, Marco; Vogt, Carla
2023 Intensive informal care and impairments in work productivity and activityKolodziej, Ingo; Coe, Norma B.; Van Houtven, Courtney Harold
2023 Can pensions save lives? Evidence from the introduction of old-age assistance in the UKJäger, Philipp
2023 Split-incentives in energy efficiency investments? Evidence from rental housingSinghal, Puja; Sommer, Stephan; Kaestner, Kathrin; Pahle, Michael
2023 The effect of compulsory schooling on vaccination against COVID and InfluenzaMonsees, Daniel; Schmitz, Hendrik
2023 Indian agriculture under climate change: The competing effect of temperature and rainfall anomaliesGallé, Johannes; Katzenberger, Anja
2023 The geography of refugee shocksGlitz, Albrecht; Hörnig, Lukas; Körner, Konstantin; Monras, Joan
2023 Digitalisation and sustainability strategies at the firm levelHorbach, Jens
2023 Centrality Bias in Inter-City TradeMori, Tomoya; Wrona, Jens
2023 Housing Prices, Airport Noise and an Unforeseeable Event of SilenceBreidenbach, Philipp; Thiel, Patrick
2023 A District-Level Analysis of the Effect of Risk Exposure on the Demand for Index Insurance in MongoliaMogge, Lukas
2023 How Resilient is Public Support for Carbon Pricing? Longitudinal Evidence from GermanySommer, Stephan; Konc, Théo; Drews, Stefan
2023 Effects of access to universities on education and migration decisionsMarkus, Philipp
2023 Who gets vaccinated? Cognitive and non-cognitive predictors of individual behavior in pandemicsAndor, Mark Andreas; Bauer, Thomas K.; Eßer, Jana; Schmidt, Christoph M.; Tomberg, Lukas
2023 Repeated Contests with DrawsFranke, Jörg; Metzger, Lars P.
2023 Policy Complementarities in the Promotion of Electric VehiclesBurra, Lavan T., Sommer, Stephan; Vance, Colin
2023 The complex regional effects of macro-institutional shocks: Evidence from EU economic integration over three decadesMitze, Timo; Breidenbach, Philipp
2023 The relationship between political instability and economic growth in advanced economies: Empirical evidence from a panel VAR and a dynamic panel FE-IV analysisDirks, Maximilian; Schmidt, Torsten
2023 Is economics self-correcting? Replications in the American Economic ReviewAnkel-Peters, Jörg; Fiala, Nathan; Neubauer, Florian
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1009
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