Ruhr Economic Papers, RWI – Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung

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2020 Unconventional monetary policy and inflation expectations in the euro areaAßhoff, Sina; Belke, Ansgar; Osowski, Thomas
2020 Forecasting industrial production in Germany: The predictive power of leading indicatorsSchlösser, Alexander
2020 Growth prospects and the trade balance in advanced economiesBelke, Ansgar; Elstner, Steffen; Rujin, Svetlana
2020 Quality provision in competitive health care markets: Individuals vs. teamsHan, Johann; Kairies-Schwarz, Nadja; Vomhof, Markus
2019 Safe haven flows, natural interest rates and secular stagnation: Empirical evidence for euro area countriesBelke, Ansgar; Klose, Jens
2019 WTA-WTP disparity: The role of perceived realism of the valuation settingFrondel, Manuel; Sommer, Stephan; Tomberg, Lukas
2019 Comparing forecast accuracy in small samplesDöhrn, Roland
2019 Risk attitudes with state-dependent indivisibilities in consumptionFels, Markus
2019 Continuation of air services at Berlin-Tegel and its effects on rental pricesBreidenbach, Philipp; Cohen, Jeffrey P.; Schaffner, Sandra
2019 What are the effects of technology shocks on international labor markets?Rujin, Svetlana
2019 Associations of childhood health and financial situation with quality of life after retirement: Regional variation across EuropeBörnhorst, Claudia; Heger, Dörte; Mensen, Anne
2019 Interest rate hysteresis in macroeconomic investment under uncertaintyBelke, Ansgar; Göcke, Matthias
2019 Automation, offshoring, and the role of public policiesSchmidpeter, Bernhard; Winter-Ebmer, Rudolf
2019 Does stress shorten your life? Evidence from parental bereavementSchmidpeter, Bernhard
2019 ICT and productivity growth within value chainsLiu, Chuan; Saam, Marianne
2019 MNE and where to find them: An intertemporal perspective on the global ownership networkGrosskurth, Philipp
2019 Berlin calling - Internal migration in GermanyBauer, Thomas K.; Rulff, Christian; Tamminga, Michael M.
2019 The long-term effect of age at school entry on competencies in adulthoodGörlitz, Katja; Penny, Merlin; Tamm, Marcus
2019 The consequences of U.S. technology changes for productivity in advanced economiesElstner, Steffen; Rujin, Svetlana
2019 Technological change, energy, environment and economic growth in JapanBesstremyannaya, Galina; Dasher, Richard; Golovan, Sergei
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 834
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