Ruhr Economic Papers, RWI - Leibniz-Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung

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2018 Does financial compensation increase the acceptance of power lines? Evidence from GermanySimora, Michael; Frondel, Manuel; Vance, Colin
2017 Individualism vs. collectivism: How inherited cultural values affect labor market outcomes of second generation immigrants in the USHöckel, Lisa Sofie
2017 Outdoor cooking prevalence in developing countries and its implication for clean cooking policiesLangbein, Jörg; Peters, Jörg; Vance, Colin
2017 Behavioral insights and business taxation: Evidence from two randomized controlled trialsBiddle, Nicholas; Fels, Katja; Sinning, Mathias
2017 Do electricity prices matter? Plant-level evidence from German manufacturingGerster, Andreas
2017 Causes of regional variation in healthcare utilization in GermanySalm, Martin; Wübker, Ansgar
2017 Inflation expectation uncertainty, inflation and the output gapFuest, Angela; Schmidt, Torsten
2017 Risk perception of climate change: Empirical evidence for GermanyFrondel, Manuel; Simora, Michael; Sommer, Stephan
2017 What makes you "super-rich"? New evidence from an analysis of football players' earningsCarrieri, Vincenzo; Principe, Francesco; Raitano, Michele
2017 Consumer inattention, heuristic thinking and the role of energy labelsAndor, Mark; Gerster, Andreas; Sommer, Stephan
2017 Unawareness and selective disclosure: The effect of school quality information on property pricesHaisken-DeNew, John; Hasan, Syed; Jha, Nikhil; Sinning, Mathias
2017 Bismarck in the bedroom? Pension reform and fertility: Evidence 1870-2010Jäger, Philipp
2017 Oil price uncertainty and the business cycle: Accounting for the influences of global supply and demand within a VAR GARCH-in-mean frameworkThiem, Christopher
2017 Financial consulting: A qualitative study on its role in financial decision makingSprenger, Julia
2017 The economic impact of Brexit: Evidence from modelling free trade agreementsBelke, Ansgar; Gros, Daniel
2017 Waiting times for outpatient treatment in Germany: New experimental evidence from primary dataHeinrich, Nils; Wübker, Ansgar; Wuckel, Christiane
2017 One-off subsidies and long-run adoption: Experimental evidence on improved cooking stoves in SenegalBensch, Gunther; Peters, Jörg
2017 The effects of economic policy uncertainty on European economies: Evidence from a TVP-FAVARPrüser, Jan; Schlösser, Alexander
2017 Distributional preferences and donation behavior among marine resource users in Wakatobi, IndonesiaNelson, Katherine M.; Schlüter, Achim; Vance, Colin
2017 The effects of after-school programs on maternal employmentDehos, Fabian; Paul, Marie
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 738
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