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2024Economic knock-on effects of Russia's geopolitical risk on advanced economies: A global VAR approachBlagov, Boris; Dirks, Maximilian; Funke, Michael
2024Violence against women and the substitution of help services in times of lockdown: Triangulation of three data sources in GermanyEbert, Cara; Steinert, Janina
2024Origin country conflict and immigrant physical healthCompton, Ryan A.; Craig, Andrea N.; Heger, Dörte; Skogstad, Karl
2024Wage bargaining and labor market policy with biased expectationsBalleer, Almut; Duernecker, Georg; Forstner, Susanne; Goensch, Johannes
2024Automation and income inequality in EuropeDoorley, Karina; Gromadzki, Jan; Lewandowski, Piotr; Tuda, Dora; Van Kerm, Philippe
2024Using framed field experiments to evaluate real-world policy interventions: A case study on changing environmental preferencesReitmann, Ann-Kristin; Sievert, Maximiliane
2024Impacts of anticipatory cash transfers in the context of weather disastersMogge, Lukas; Roeckert, Julian; Krähnert, Kati
2024Biased expectations and labor market outcomes: Evidence from German survey data and implications for the East-West wage gapBalleer, Almut; Duernecker, Georg; Forstner, Susanne; Goensch, Johannes
2024The new merit order: The viability of energy-only electricity markets with only intermittent renewable energy sources and grid-scale storageAntweiler, Werner; Muesgens, Felix
2024Avoiding cognitive dissonance: Experimental evidence on sustainable online shoppingEßer, Jana; Flörchinger, Daniela; Frondel, Manuel; Sommer, Stephan
2024The role of tenure security in farmers' decision-making on investment in improved seeds: Insights from mental modelsMurken, Lisa; Krähnert, Kati; Van den Broek, Karlijn; Adriko, John; Gornott, Christoph
2024Drought, livestock holding, and milk production: A difference-in-differences analysisAbebe, Meseret B.; Alem, Yonas
2024Rural Electrification and Domestic Violence in Sub Saharan AfricaSievert, Maximiliane
2023Skill mismatch and learning-by-doing: Theory and evidence from time allocation on tasksStorm, Eduard
2023Split-incentives in energy efficiency investments? Evidence from rental housingSinghal, Puja; Sommer, Stephan; Kaestner, Kathrin; Pahle, Michael
2023Spotlight on researcher decisions: Infrastructure evaluation, instrumental variables, and specification screeningAnkel-Peters, Jörg; Bensch, Gunther; Vance, Colin
2023A District-Level Analysis of the Effect of Risk Exposure on the Demand for Index Insurance in MongoliaMogge, Lukas
2023The Effects of Mandatory Speed Limits on Crash Frequency - A Causal Machine Learning ApproachMetz-Peeters, Maike
2023Labor market news and expectations about jobs & earningsSchmidpeter, Bernhard
2023Centrality Bias in Inter-City TradeMori, Tomoya; Wrona, Jens
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1066
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