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Register for the self-upload to submit your own publications to EconStor and make them available in Open Access:

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Information for Authors (EconStor self-upload service)

The self-upload is intended mainly for the submission of previously published and/or reviewed texts in the form of pre- or postprints (author versions, final drafts) or original versions (publishers’ versions) by their authors.

If you use the self-upload for the first time, you have to register first. Please note the following requirements for registering to the EconStor self-upload service, our terms of use for the self-upload and our privacy policy. To register, follow the link "New User" in the right column of this page.

Please watch our video "How to upload a paper to EconStor" for more information about the EconStor self-upload service:

Who can submit documents on EconStor?

  • Ph.D. Researchers in Economics and Business Studies at an academic institution (inside or outside a university)
  • Professors Emeriti
  • Not authorized to submit are:
    • students
    • doctoral students
    • authors from business practice

Which publications can be self-uploaded to EconStor?

The following types of documents can be submitted via self-upload:

  • Article
  • Book Part
  • Working Paper/Preprint
  • Conference Paper
  • Doctoral Thesis
  • Book
  • Research Report
  • Proceedings
  • Book Review

The following document types will not be accepted:

  • student seminar papers
  • bachelor or master theses
  • Abstracts or extended abstracts
  • Power point slides
  • Posters
  • Contributions to non-scholarly publications

Please check, especially in the case of working and discussion papers, that they are not already contained in series which are available fully and continuously on EconStor.

We accept only contributions to Economics or Business Studies in English or German. Please also note our EconStor Policy.

Contributions from Open Access journals can only be included in EconStor if the journal in question is listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

We reserve the right to reject contributions where we have doubts as to whether they meet the criteria of good scientific practice. This includes, for example, publications suspected of plagiarism and contributions from dubious sources. In case of doubt Papers submitted to EconStor will be screened for plagiarism using the Docoloc plagiarism detection tool. You can find further information in our handout “Predatory Publishing”: 2018-e-handout-predatory-publishing.pdf

The submission process

After you have signed in, you enter your personal area on EconStor ("My EconStor") where you can submit your papers. You can upload your documents via an online form which guides you through the necessary steps.

  1. Select a collection corresponding to the type of document.
  2. Enter descriptive bibliographic data for your publication.
  3. Upload the electronic full-text into EconStor.
  4. Verify the bibliographic data and the uploaded document.
  5. Agree to a deposit license.

You can find more information about submitting documents during the process of the self-upload.

Release and online accessibility

After you have submitted your publication, our team at EconStor will check the information you provide and supplement it if necessary. After this, your document will be released and thus be accessible in Open Access. You will receive confirmation by email, which will also contain the persistent citable link to your publication. All publications submitted through self-upload can be found in the collections of EconStor Direct.