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2021 Incentivizing motivation and self-control preferencesHirt-Schierbaum, Linda; Ivets, Maryna
2021 The introduction of Bismarck's social security system and its effects on marriage and fertility in PrussiaGuinnane, Timothy; Streb, Jochen
2021 Regional variation in the supply of general and medical practitioners and its consequences for inpatient service utilizationStroka, Magdalena A.
2021 Monetary policy uncertainty and inflation expectationsArce-Alfaro, Gabriel; Blagov, Boris
2021 NGOs and the effectiveness of interventionsUsmani, Faraz; Jeuland, Marc; Pattanayak, Subhrendu
2021 Do more chargers mean more electric cars?Sommer, Stephan; Vance, Colin
2021 Who will be the mediator? Local politics and hospital closures in GermanySriubaite, Ieva
2021 Drive less, drive better, or both? Behavioral adjustments to fuel price changes in GermanyAlberini, Anna; Horvath, Marco; Vance, Colin
2021 Dissimilarity effects on house prices: What is the value of similar neighbours?Bonakdar, Said Benjamin; Roos, Michael W. M.
2021 Learning from unincentivized and incentivized communication: A randomized controlled trial in IndiaAlem, Yonas; Dugoua, Eugenie
2021 Catching up and falling behind: Cross-country evidence on the impact of the EU ETS on firm productivityThemann, Michael; Koch, Nikolas
2021 Trying to make a good first impression: A natural field experiment to engage new entrants to the tax systemDong, Sarah Xue; Sinning, Mathias
2021 Corona and the stability of personal traits and preferences: Evidence from GermanyFrondel, Manuel; Osberghaus, Daniel; Sommer, Stephan
2021 Who nudges whom? Field experiments with public partnersFels, Katja M.
2021 Mitigating climate change through sustainable technology adoption: Insights from cookstove interventionsAlem, Yonas
2021 At boiling point: Temperature shocks in global business groupsThemann, Michael
2021 The impact of temperature on productivity and labor supply: Evidence from Indian manufacturingSomanathan, E.; Somanathan, Rohini; Sudarshan, Anant; Tewari, Meenu
2021 The effects of shortening potential benefit duration: Evidence from regional cut-offs and a policy reformGałecka-Burdziak, Ewa; Góra, Marek; Jessen, Jonas; Jessen, Robin; Kluve, Jochen
2020 Determining the efficiency of residential electricity consumptionAndor, Mark Andreas; Bernstein, David H.; Sommer, Stephan
2020 Inflation expectation uncertainty in a New Keynesian frameworkFuest, Angela; Schmidt, Torsten
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 901
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