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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1984 Quando i lavoratori risparmiano: sovraccumulazione del capitale ed eutanasia dei capitalistiBalducci, Renato; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1984 Introduzione all'edizione italiana di Michal Kalecki, Essays in the Theory of Economic FluctuationsDenicolò, Vincenzo; Matteuzzi, Massimo
1988 Incentives to Innovate in a Cournot OligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1988 International Monetary Cooperation Under Tariff ThreatsDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo; Basevi, Giorgio
1988 Asymmetric Races of Research and DevelopmentDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1988 R & D Investment in Oligopoly: Betrand vs CournotDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1988 Indivisibilities in R & D Investment and Transient Leadership in OligopolyDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1989 Fixed Agenda Social Choice Theory: Correspondence and Impossibility Theorems for Social Choice Corrispondences and Social Decision FunctionsDenicolò, Vincenzo
1989 Public Debt and the Pasinetti ParadoxDenicolò, Vincenzo; Matteuzzi, Massimo
1989 On the Optiml Variance of MoneyDenicolò, Vincenzo
1991 Regulating Innovative Activity: the Role of a Public FirmDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1991 Quality Choice in a Vertically Differentiated Mixed DuopolyDelbono, Flavio; Denicolò, Vincenzo; Scarpa, Carlo
1994 An Impossibility Theorem on Extending OrdersDenicolò, Vincenzo
1995 Proportional Import Restraints in OligopolyDenicolò, Vincenzo; Garella, Paolo
1995 The Optimum Life of a Patent When the Timing of Innovations is StochasticDenicolò, Vincenzo
1996 No-Envy Arrow's ConditionsDenicolò, Vincenzo
1996 Bargaining with Noisy CommunicationGarella, Paolo; Denicolò, Vincenzo
1996 A Characterization of Utilitarism Without the Transitivity AxiomDenicolò, Vincenzo
1996 Equity, Envy and Independence of Irrelevant AlternativesDenicolò, Vincenzo
2000 A signalling model of environmental overcomplianceDenicolò, Vincenzo