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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Fair Salaries and the Moral Costs of CorruptionAbbink, Klaus
2000 How to Play 3x3-Games A Strategy Method ExperimentSelten, Reinhard; Abbink, Klaus; Buchta, Joachim; Sadrieh, Abdolkarim
2001 Learning Direction Theory and the Winner s CurseSelten, Reinhard; Abbink, Klaus; Cox, Ricarda
2001 An Experimental Test of Design Alternatives for the British 3G / UMTS AuctionAbbink, Klaus; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Pezanis-Christou, Paul; Rockenbach, Bettina; Sadrieh, Abdolkarim; Selten, Reinhard
2002 Neutral versus Loaded Instructions in a Bribery ExperimentAbbink, Klaus; Hennig-Schmidt, Heike
2003 24Abbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi
2004 The donor problemAbbink, Klaus; Ellman, Matthew
2005 The Syr Darya river conflict: An experimental case studyAbbink, Klaus; Moller, Lars Christian; O'Hara, Sarah
2005 Determinants of revolt: Evidence from survey and laboratory dataAbbink, Klaus; Pezzini, Silvia
2005 Collusion in growing and shrinking markets: Empirical evidence from experimental duopoliesAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi
2009 Inter-group conflict and intra-group punishment in an experimental contest gameAbbink, Klaus; Brandts, Jordi; Herrmann, Benedikt; Orzen, Henrik
2009 The moral costs of nastinessAbbink, Klaus; Herrmann, Benedikt
2018 Talking behind your back: Asymmetric communication in a three-person dilemmaAbbink, Klaus; Dong, Lu; Huang, Lingbo
2019 Arms races and conflict: Experimental evidenceAbbink, Klaus; Dong, Lu; Huang, Lingbo