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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019Innovative eventsNathan, Max; Rosso, Anna
2018Creative differences? Measuring creative economy employment in the US and UK using microdataKemeny, Tom; Nathan, Max; O'Brien, Dave
2018Local government financing during the electoral business cycle: Analysing the role of intergovernmental political alignment on municipality budgets in GreeceKitsos, Anastasios; Proestakis, Antonios
2017Using Crunchbase to explore innovative ecosystems in the US and UKKemeny, Tom; Nathan, Max; Almeer, Bader
2017Testing for panel cointegration using common correlated effects estimatorsBanerjee, Anindya; Carrion i Silvestre, Josep Lluís
2016Bureaucrats or politicians? Political parties and antidumping in the USAquilante, Tommaso
2016Solving models with jump discontinuities in policy functionsGörtz, Christoph; Mirza, Afrasiab
2016Workplace wellbeing programmes and their impact on employees and their employing organisations: A scoping review of the evidence baseCarmichael, Fiona; Fenton, S-J.; Pinilla Roncancio, M.; Sadhra, S.; Sing, M.
2016Towards a general theory of the stock marketFender, John
2016Choice and wellbeing in informal careAl-Janabi, Hareth; Carmichael, Fiona; Oyebode, Jan
2016Terraforming Tech City: Place branding and spatial imaginaries in inner East LondonNathan, Max; Vandore, Emma; Voss, Georgina
2016Theory and evidence on the finance-growth relationship: The virtuous and unvirtuous cyclesLauretta, Eliana; Chaudhry, Sajid M.; Mullineux, Andrew W.
2016Securitization and aggregate investment efficiencyMirza, Afrasiab; Stephens, Eric
2016Long-run growth uncertaintyKuang, Pei; Mitra, Kaushik
2015Manufacturing extremism: Political consequences of profit-seeking mediaBandyopadhyay, Siddhartha; Chatterjee, Kalyan; Roy, Jaideep
2015Business and financial cycles in the Eurozone: Synchronization or decouplingAhmed, Jameel; Chaudhry, Sajid M.; Straetmans, Stefan
2015Does commonality in illiquidity matter to investors?Anderson, Richard G.; Binner, Jane M.; Hagströmer, Björn; Nilsson, Birger
2014A model of housing and credit cycles with imperfect market knowledgeKuang, Pei
2014Queuing up for justice: Elections and case backlogsBandyopadhyay, Siddhartha; McCannon, Bryan
2014Working for Ford forty years onEdwards, Paul K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 33