Diskussionsbeiträge: Serie II, Sonderforschungsbereich 178 'Internationalisierung der Wirtschaft', Universität Konstanz

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1997Die Seignorage-Kosten des Euro für Deutschland: Eine Kritik an Sinn und FeistLäufer, Nikolaus K. A.
1997Constant relative risk aversion and form equivalence classesBattermann, Harald L.; Broll, Udo; Wahl, Jack E.
1997Taxes in an efficiency wage economyGoerke, Laszlo
1997Circumventing multiple integration: A comparison of GMM and SML estimators for the panel probit modelInkmann, Joachim
1997Protection and the gainful effects of foreign capitalMarjit, Sugata; Beladi, Seyed Abdolhamid
1997Capital tax competition with three tax instrumentsEggert, Wolfgang
1997Decision-making under the EU's social chapter: Discretion and amendmentsGoerke, Laszlo; Piazolo, Kathrin
1997Rentenzugangsalter und Beitragssatz zur RentenversicherungBreyer, Friedrich; Kifmann, Mathias; Stolte, Klaus
1997A bootstrap bandwidth selector for local polynomial fittingHeiler, Siegfried; Feng, Yuanhua
1997Risk-value efficient portfolios and asset pricingFranke, Günter; Weber, Martin
1997Zur Effizienz nationaler Sozialversicherungssysteme in der Europäischen UnionKolmar, Martin
1997A note on the impact of procedures in strike models: The case of bargaining structureGoerke, Laszlo
1997Employment risk and optimal trade policiesChoi, Eun Kwan; Chen, Jiong
1997Enforcement and cost-effectiveness of international environmental agreements: The role of side-paymentsSchmidt, Carsten
1997MESC (Marginal Effective Statutory Charge), an extension of King-Fullerton methodologyGérard, Marcel; Beauchot, Laurence; Jamaels, Sylvie; Valenduc, Christian
1997On the optimal tax policy mix when consumers and firms are imperfectly mobileGenser, Bernd; Haufler, Andreas
1997Tax competition for foreign direct investmentHaufler, Andreas; Wooton, Ian
1997Issues in stability of European money demand: Adjustment speed versus error varianceLäufer, Nikolaus K. A.
1997Measuring the fiscal revenue loss of VAT exemption in commercial bankingGenser, Bernd; Winker, Peter
1997Efficiency wages, unemployment and welfare: A trade theorists' guideAlbert, Max; Meckl, Jürgen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 348
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