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2011 Do women behave more reciprocally than men? Gender differences in real effort dictator gamesHeinz, Matthias; Juranek, Steffen; Rau, Holger A.
2012 Competition in the workplace: An experimental investigationBenndorf, Volker; Rau, Holger A.
2013 Rebels without a clue? Experimental evidence on partial cartelsClemens, Georg; Rau, Holger A.
2014 Do leniency policies facilitate collusion? Experimental evidenceClemens, Georg; Rau, Holger A.
2014 Simultaneous and sequential contributions to step-level public goods: One vs. two provision levelsNormann, Hans-Theo; Rau, Holger A.
2015 On the Impact of Quotas and Decision Rules in Ultimatum Collective BargainingFeicht, Robert; Grimm, Veronika; Rau, Holger A.; Stephan, Gesine
2015 The disposition effect in team investment decisions: Experimental evidenceRau, Holger A.
2015 How worker participation affects reciprocity under minimum remuneration policies: Experimental evidenceKöhler, Katrin; Pagel, Beatrice; Rau, Holger A.
2015 Risk-tolerant women donate more than men: Experimental evidence of dictator gamesMüller, Stephan; Rau, Holger A.
2016 Gender differences in compliance: The role of social value orientationGrosch, Kerstin; Rau, Holger A.
2016 How competitiveness may cause a gender wage gap: Experimental evidenceHeinz, Matthias; Normann, Hans-Theo; Rau, Holger A.
2017 Decisions under uncertainty in social contextsMüller, Stephan; Rau, Holger A.
2017 Gender differences in motivational crowding out of work perfomanceBenndorf, Volker; Rau, Holger A.; Sölch, Christian
2017 Gender differences in competitive positions: Experimental evidence on job promotionPeterlé, Emmanuel; Rau, Holger A.
2017 The disposition effect when deciding on behalf of othersHermann, Daniel; Mußhoff, Oliver; Rau, Holger A.
2017 Do discriminatory pay regimes unleash antisocial behavior?Grosch, Kerstin; Rau, Holger A.
2017 Too cold for warm glow? Christmas-season effects in charitable givingMüller, Stephan; Rau, Holger A.
2018 Minimizing learning behavior in repeated real-effort tasksBenndorf, Volker; Rau, Holger A.; Sölch, Christian
2018 Motivational crowding out effects in charitable giving: Experimental evidenceMüller, Stephan; Rau, Holger A.
2018 Bargaining and the role of negotiators' competitivenessKeser, Claudia; Müller, Stephan; Peterlé, Emmanuel; Rau, Holger A.