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2004Sabotage in Asymmetric Contests – An Experimental AnalysisKräkel, Matthias; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Harbring, Christine; Selten, Reinhard
2004Incentives in Tournaments with Endogenous Prize SelectionHarbring, Christine; Irlenbusch, Bernd
2005How many winners are good to have? On tournaments with sabotageHarbring, Christine; Irlenbusch, Bernd
2005Experimental Studies on Incentives in OrganizationsHarbring, Christine
2007Feedback in Tournaments under Commitment Problems: The-ory and Experimental EvidenceGürtler, Oliver; Harbring, Christine
2007Feedback in tournaments under commitment problems: theory and experimental evidenceGürtler, Oliver; Harbring, Christine
2009Trust and control at the workplace: evidence from representative samples of employees in EuropeGrund, Christian; Harbring, Christine
2009Sabotage in tournaments: evidence from a laboratory experimentHarbring, Christine; Irlenbusch, Bernd
2010Performance appraisals and the impact of forced distribution: An experimental investigationBerger, Johannes; Harbring, Christine; Sliwka, Dirk
2014Helping in TeamsDanilov, Anastasia; Harbring, Christine; Irlenbusch, Bernd
2015Cooperation in Diverse Teams: The Role of Temporary Group MembershipGrund, Christian; Harbring, Christine; Thommes, Kirsten
2016Group (Re-)formation in Public Good Games: The Tale of the Bad AppleGrund, Christian; Harbring, Christine; Thommes, Kirsten
2018Competing on the Holodeck: The Effect of Virtual Peers and Heterogeneity in Dynamic TournamentsGraff, Frederik; Grund, Christian; Harbring, Christine
2019Helping under a Combination of Team and Tournament IncentivesDanilov, Anastasia; Irlenbusch, Bernd; Harbring, Christine
2019Decisions on Extending Group Membership: Evidence from a Public Good ExperimentGrund, Christian; Harbring, Christine; Thommes, Kirsten; Tilkes, Katja Rebecca
2020Decisions on extending group membership: Evidence from a public good experimentGrund, Christian; Harbring, Christine; Thommes, Kirsten; Tilkes, Katja Rebecca
2021Incentives for Cooperation in Teams: Sociality Meets Decision RightsButz, Britta; Guillén, Pablo; Harbring, Christine
2021The effect of disclosing identities in a socially incentivized public good gameButz, Britta; Harbring, Christine