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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007The Janus Face of Cooperation: An Intra- and Cross-Cultural ReviewWalkowitz, Gari; Goerg, Sebastian J.
2007Interregional diversity of fairness concerns: an online ultimatum experimentGoerg, Sebastian J.; Güth, Werner; Walkowitz, Gari; Weiland, Torsten
2007Treating Equals Unequally - Incentives in Teams, Workers' Motivation and Production TechnologyGoerg, Sebastian J.; Kube, Sebastian; Zultan, Ro'i
2007Experimental Investigation of a Cyclic Duopoly GameGoerg, Sebastian J.; Selten, Reinhard
2008Learning in experimental 2×2 gamesChmura, Thorsten; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Selten, Reinhard
2008Presentation Effects in Cross-Cultural Experiments - An Experimental Framework for ComparisonsGoerg, Sebastian J.; Walkowitz, Gari
2009Treating equals unequally: incentives in teams, workers' motivation and production technologyGoerg, Sebastian J.; Kube, Sebastian; Zultan, Ro'i
2010On the prevalence of framing effects across subject-pools in a two-person cooperation gameGoerg, Sebastian J.; Walkowitz, Gari
2011Learning in experimental 2 x 2 gamesChmura, Thorsten; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Selten, Reinhard
2011Equity and efficiency in multi-worker firms: Insights from experimental economicsAbeler, Johannes; Altmann, Steffen; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Kube, Sebastian; Wibral, Matthias
2012Symmetric vs. asymmetric punishment regimes for briberyEngel, Christoph; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Yu, Gaoneng
2012Goals (th)at work: Goals, monetary incentives, and workers' performanceGoerg, Sebastian J.; Kube, Sebastian
2013Cui bono, benefit corporation? An experiment inspired by social enterprise legislation in Germany and the USFischer, Sven; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Hamann, Hanjo
2013Does political representation through parties decrease voters' acceptance of decisionsTowfigh, Emanuel Vahid; Glöckner, Andreas; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Leifeld, Philip; Kurschilgen, Carlos; Llorente-Saguer, Aniol; Bade, Sophie
2015If the worst comes to the worst: Dictator giving when recipient´s endowments are riskyEngel, Christoph; Goerg, Sebastian J.
2015Goal setting and worker motivationGoerg, Sebastian J.
2017Do Tournaments with Superstars Encourage or Discourage Competition?Babington, Michael; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Kitchens, Carl
2017The Effectiveness of Incentive Schemes in the Presence of Implicit Effort CostsGoerg, Sebastian J.; Kube, Sebastian; Radbruch, Jonas
2018The Timing of Discretionary Bonuses: Effort, Signals, and ReciprocityBoosey, Luke; Goerg, Sebastian J.
2018More than the Money: Payoff-Irrelevant Terms in Relational ContractsCromwell, Erich; Goerg, Sebastian J.; Leszczynska, Monika