Working Paper des Departments für Agrarökonomie, Albrecht Daniel Thaer-Institut für Agrar- und Gartenbauwissenschaften, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Was sagt der Human Development Index über Entwicklung aus? Kritik und Erweiterung auf der Grundlage eines faktoranalytischen AnsatzesNeuenfeldt, Sebastian; Kirschke, Dieter; Franke, Christian
2010 Decoupled payments to EU farmers, production, and trade: An economic analysis for Germanyvon Witzke, Harald; Noleppa, Steffen; Schwarz, Gerald
2009 Global agricultural market trends revisited: The roles of energy prices and biofuel productionvon Witzke, Harald; Noleppa, Steffen; Schwarz, Gerald
2008 Urban and peri-urban agriculture as a livelihood strategy of internally displaced persons in KhartoumStreiffeler, Friedhelm; Makki, Elsamawal Khalil; Ayoub, Ali Taha
2008 The engendered spaces in the village at the edge of the capital: A case study of Al Gharaza/ SudanBadri, Balghis; Knuth, Hardine
2008 Women and finance in rural and urban Sudan: A case study in Greater Omdurman and KhartoumSchultz, Ulrike; Makkawi, Asia; El Fatih, Tayseer
2008 Women in food and beverages business in urban markets of Khartoum StateBadawi, Sumaia Mohamed El Zein Ahmed; Rahman, Widad Ali Abdel; El Jack, Ahmed Hassan; Lorenzl, Günter
2008 Global agricultural market trends and their impacts on European Union agriculturevon Witzke, Harald; Noleppa, Steffen; Schwarz, Gerald
2007 Agricultural and trade policy reform and inequality: The distributive effects of direct payments to German farmers under the EU's new common agricultural policyvon Witzke, Harald; Noleppa, Steffen
2007 The relevance of SPS in the ACP-EU economic partnership agreements: What a development-friendly recognition of SPS measures within the EPA negotiations might look likeChemnitz, Christine; Günther, Doris
2007 The compliance process of food quality standards on primary producer level: A case study of the EUREPGAP standard in the Moroccan tomato sectorChemnitz, Christine
2007 Quality standards for food products: A particular burden for small producers in developing countries?Chemnitz, Christine; Grethe, Harald; Kleinwechter, Ulrich
2007 Landwirtschaft in der ökologischen Marktwirtschaft: Sicherung der Welternährung vs. Klimaschutz und Bioenergievon Witzke, Harald
2006 The application of spatial models in the analysis of bilateral trade flows: An alternative to the Armington approach for the world sugar marketNolte, Stephan
2006 Understanding and managing behavioural risks: The case of food risks caused by malpractice in poultry productionHirschauer, Norbert; Zwoll, Stefan
2005 Zur Reduzierung niederschlagsbedingter Produktionsrisiken mit WetterderivatenMußhoff, Oliver; Odening, Martin; Xu, Wei
2005 The economics of alternative strategies for the reduction of food-borne diseases in developing countries: The case of diarrhea in Rwandavon Witzke, Harald; Kirschke, Dieter; Lotze-Campen, Hermann; Noleppa, Steffen
2004 EU-Agrarpolitik: Entwicklung, Stand, PerspektivenKirschke, Dieter; Weber, Gerald
2004 A general equilibrium analysis of the impact of inward FDI in Ghana: The role of complementary policiesArbenser, Lawrence
2004 Turkey's accession to the EU: What will the Common Agricultural Policy cost?Grethe, Harald
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 27