Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, Uppsala University

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2019 Biased forecasts to affect voting decisions? The Brexit caseCipullo, Davide; Reslow, André
2019 Agricultural productivity in Burkina Faso: The role of gender and risk attitudesSepahvand, Mohammad H.
2019 Does revolution change risk attitudes? Evidence from Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Shahbazian, Roujman; Swain, Ranjula Bali
2019 Why the Norwegian shareholder income tax is neutralSödersten, Jan
2018 Speedy responses: Effects of higher benefits on take-up and division of parental leaveMoberg, Ylva
2018 The returns to college choice: Loans, scholarships and labor outcomesMontoya, Ana Maria; Noton Norambuena, Carlos; Solis, Alex
2018 Deep dynamicsGottfries, Nils; Mickelsson, Glenn; Stadin, Karolina
2018 The rising return to non-cognitive skillsEdin, Per-Anders; Fredriksson, Peter; Nybom, Martin; Öckert, Björn
2018 Runoff vs. plurality: Does it matter for expenditures? : Evidence from ItalyCipullo, Davide
2018 Childcare: A safety net for children?Aalto, Aino-Maija; Mörk, Eva; Sjögren, Anna; Svaleryd, Helena
2018 Ethnic enclaves, self-employment and the economic performance of refugeesAndersson, Henrik
2018 Inheritance tax planning at the end of lifeErixson, Oscar; Escobar, Sebastian
2018 Does inflation targeting reduce the dispersion of price setters' inflation expectations?Paulie, Charlotte
2018 Women in top incomes: Evidence from Sweden 1974-2013Boschini, Anne; Gunnarsson, Kristin; Roine, Jesper
2018 Taxes and household labor supply: Estimating distributional effects of nonlinear prices on multidimensional choiceLiang, Che-Yuan
2018 Sibling correlation in risk attitudes: Evidence from Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Shahbazian, Roujman
2018 Multiple misbehaving: Loss averse and inattentive to monetary incentivesEngström, Per; Nordblom, Katarina; Stefánsson, Arnaldur
2018 The kink and notch bunching estimators cannot identify the taxable income elasticityBlomquist, Nils Sören; Newey, Whitney K.
2018 Health, longevity and pension reformLaun, Tobias; Markussen, Simen; Vigtel, Trond Christian; Wallenius, Johanna
2018 An explicit formula for optimal carbon taxes under general economic settingsLi, Chuan-Zhong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 453