Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, Uppsala University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Consequences of parental job loss on the family environment and on human capital formation: Evidence from plant closuresMörk, Eva; Sjögren, Anna; Svaleryd, Helena
2019 Business cycles and production networksOlsson, Maria
2019 Term length and public finances: The case of U.S. governorsKlarin, Jonas
2019 Measuring the effect of student loans on the college dropout rateSolis, Alex
2019 Inefficient use of competitors' forecasts?Reslow, André
2019 Agricultural productivity in Burkina Faso: The role of gender and risk attitudesSepahvand, Mohammad H.
2019 Why the Norwegian shareholder income tax is neutralSödersten, Jan
2019 Does revolution change risk attitudes? Evidence from Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Shahbazian, Roujman; Swain, Ranjula Bali
2019 Biased forecasts to affect voting decisions? The Brexit caseCipullo, Davide; Reslow, André
2018 Women in top incomes: Evidence from Sweden 1974-2013Boschini, Anne; Gunnarsson, Kristin; Roine, Jesper
2018 The kink and notch bunching estimators cannot identify the taxable income elasticityBlomquist, Nils Sören; Newey, Whitney K.
2018 Taxes and household labor supply: Estimating distributional effects of nonlinear prices on multidimensional choiceLiang, Che-Yuan
2018 An explicit formula for optimal carbon taxes under general economic settingsLi, Chuan-Zhong
2018 Sibling correlation in risk attitudes: Evidence from Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Shahbazian, Roujman
2018 Ethnic enclaves, self-employment and the economic performance of refugeesAndersson, Henrik
2018 Inheritance tax planning at the end of lifeErixson, Oscar; Escobar, Sebastian
2018 Health, longevity and pension reformLaun, Tobias; Markussen, Simen; Vigtel, Trond Christian; Wallenius, Johanna
2018 Multiple misbehaving: Loss averse and inattentive to monetary incentivesEngström, Per; Nordblom, Katarina; Stefánsson, Arnaldur
2018 Deep dynamicsGottfries, Nils; Mickelsson, Glenn; Stadin, Karolina
2018 Does inflation targeting reduce the dispersion of price setters' inflation expectations?Paulie, Charlotte
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 458