Working Paper Series, Department of Economics, Uppsala University

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Speedy responses: Effects of higher benefits on take-up and division of parental leaveMoberg, Ylva
2018 The rising return to non-cognitive skillsEdin, Per-Anders; Fredriksson, Peter; Nybom, Martin; Öckert, Björn
2018 The returns to college choice: Loans, scholarships and labor outcomesMontoya, Ana Maria; Noton Norambuena, Carlos; Solis, Alex
2018 Childcare: A safety net for children?Aalto, Aino-Maija; Mörk, Eva; Sjögren, Anna; Svaleryd, Helena
2018 Runoff vs. plurality: Does it matter for expenditures? : Evidence from ItalyCipullo, Davide
2017 Having it all? Employment, earnings and childrenLaun, Tobias; Wallenius, Johanna
2017 Global earnings inequality, 1970-2015Hammar, Olle; Waldenström, Daniel
2017 Estimating taxable income responses with elasticity heterogeneityKumar, Anil; Liang, Che-Yuan
2017 Child care subsidies, quality, and optimal income taxationBastani, Spencer; Blomquist, Nils Sören; Micheletto, Luca
2017 Birth order and child healthBjörkegren, Evelina; Svaleryd, Helena
2017 Are religions for sale? Evidence from the Swedish church revolt over same-sex marriageBengtsson, Niklas
2017 The risks of nuclear disaster and its impact on housing pricesAndo, Michihito; Dahlberg, Matz; Engström, Gustav
2017 Intergenerational transmission of risk attitudes: The role of gender, parents and grandparents in Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Shahbazian, Roujman
2017 Analyzing tax reforms using the Swedish Labour Income Microsimulation ModelLundberg, Jacob
2017 Individual's risk attitudes in sub-Saharan Africa: Determinants and reliability of self-reported risk in Burkina FasoSepahvand, Mohammad H.; Shahbazian, Roujman
2017 The price of inattention: Evidence from the Swedish housing marketRepetto, Luca; Solis, Alex
2017 The Laffer curve for high incomesLundberg, Jacob
2017 Is job polarization a recent phenomenon? Evidence from Sweden, 1950-2013, and a comparison to the United StatesGustavsson, Magnus
2017 The effects of grade retention on human capital accumulationSolis, Alex
2017 Demand for redistribution: Individuals' response to economic setbacksMartén, Linna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 458