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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Sustaining the work ability and work motivation of lowereducated older workers: Directions for work redesignSanders, Jos; Dorenbosch, Luc Willibrord; Gründemann, Rob; Blonk, Roland
2011 Job design and job satisfaction: Empirical evidence for Germany?Fahr, René
2011 Empirical research on human resource management as a production of ideologyNienhueser, Werner
2011 Personnel economics: Strengths, weaknesses and its place in human resource managementDilger, Alexander
2011 The organisational commitment of workers in OECD countriesClark, Andrew E.
2011 Introduction: New perspectives on the quality of working lifeKattenbach, Ralph; O'Reilly, Jacqueline
2011 Stewardship behavior and creativityKuppelwieser, Volker G.
2011 Love it, change it, or leave it: Understanding highly-skilled flexible workers' job satisfaction from a psychological contract perspectiveWilkens, Uta; Nermerich, Daniel
2011 Watch your workers win: Changing job demands and HRM responsesHaywood, Luke
2011 Gender inequality and job quality in EuropeMühlau, Peter
2011 The role of work-home interference and workplace learning in the energy-depletion processvan Ruysseveldt, Joris; Proost, Karin; Verboon, Peter
2011 Employer behavior: Grasping a phantomWächter, Hartmut
2011 Employee behavior in organizations: On the current state of researchvon Rosenstiel, Lutz
2011 Job-satisfaction in the broader framework of the capability approachLeßmann, Ortrud; Bonvin, Jean-Michel
2010 Managerial cultural intelligence and small business in Canadade la Garza Carranza, María Teresa; Egri, Carolyn P.
2010 Does outsourcing result in the outsourcing of technological competencies? An empirical analysis of the effect of vertical specialization on the technological competence base of firmsStephan, Michael
2010 On the proper essence of Christian economic ethicsKreuzhof, Rainer; Ockenfels, Wolfgang
2010 Development of China's state-controlled firms: The case of the consumer electronics sectorYang, Hailan; Morgan, Stephen Lloyd
2010 Spiritual cleansing: A case study on how spirituality can be mis/used by a companyGroß, Claudia
2010 Implications of flexpatriates' lifestyles on HRM practicesMayerhofer, Helene; Müller, Barbara; Schmidt, Angelika
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 227