Economics Department Working Paper Series, TU Braunschweig

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2016Investigating the carbon leakage effect on the environmental Kuznets curve using luminosity dataSteinkraus, Arne
2016Governmental platform intermediation to promote alternative fuel vehiclesDietrich, Antje-Mareike
2016Subsidizing human capital to overcome the green paradox: A demand-side approachSteinkraus, Arne
2015Coal and Gas - From Cradle to Grave with Carbon Capture and StorageSteinkraus, Arne
2011Welfare effects of public service broadcasting in a free-to-air TV marketRothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2011An international agreement with full participation to tackle the stock of greenhouse gasesKratzsch, Uwe; Sieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2011Welfare effects of subsidizing a dead-end network of less polluting vehiclesDietrich, Antje-Mareike; Sieg, Gernot
2010Quality standards for passenger trains: Political majorities and environmental costsRothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2010Public service broadcasting of sport, shows, and news as economic solution to the voter's paradox of rational ignoranceRothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2010A full participation agreement on global emission reduction through strategic investments in R&DKratzsch, Uwe; Sieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2009Bread, peace and the attrition of power: Economic events and German election resultsBatool, Irem; Sieg, Gernot
2009Pakistan, politics and political business cyclesBatool, Irem; Sieg, Gernot
2009When to regulate airports: A simple ruleKratzsch, Uwe; Sieg, Gernot
2009Grandfather rights in the market for airport slotsSieg, Gernot
2009Strategic debt management within the stability and growth pactSieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2008Eine ökonomische Analyse einer Ausweitung des Arbeitnehmer-EntsendegesetzesKratzsch, Uwe
2008Crunch time: A policy to avoid the announcement effect when terminating a subsidyGürtler, Marc; Sieg, Gernot
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17
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