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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Biomass Production of Selected Energy Plants: Economic Analysis and Logistic StrategiesPszczółkowska, Agata; Romanowska-Duda, Zdzisława; Pszczółkowski, Wiktor; Grzesik, Mieczysław; Wysokińska, Zofia
2018Implementing the Main Circular Economy Principles within the Concept of Sustainable Development in the Global and European economy, with Particular Emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe - the Case of Poland and the Region of LodzWysokińska, Zofia
2013Transition To A Green Economy In The Context Of Selected European And Global Requirements For Sustainable DevelopmentWysokińska, Zofia
2012European Union Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness Support Policy for BusinessesWysokińska, Zofia
2012Application of Phytoremediation in Restoring Sustainable Development to the Environment: Economic and Soil ConditionsPszczółkowski, Wiktor; Romanowska-Duda, Zdzisława; Pszczółkowska, Agata; Grzesik, Mieczysław; Wysokińska, Zofia
2012Use of Sewage Sludge in the Production of Plant Biomass for Energy: Biological and Economic ConditionsRomanowska-Duda, Zdzisława; Grzesik, Mieczysław; Pszczółkowski, Wiktor; Pszczółkowska, Agata; Wysokińska, Zofia
2011Sustainable Development in the European Union and World Economy-Main Selected AspectsWysokińska, Zofia
2010Completion of the Common Internal Market of Recycling in the EU - Position of New Member StatesWysokińska, Zofia
2013Market Analysis of Textile Products Protecting Against UV Radiation (Used for Equipping Interiors, Construction and in Protective Clothing)Wysokińska, Zofia; Czajkowski, Tomasz
2012Sustainable Energy Crop Production in Poland: PerspectivesPszczółkowska, Agata; Romanowska-Duda, Zdzisława; Pszczółkowski, Wiktor; Grzesik, Mieczysław; Wysokińska, Zofia