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2018 Gender role changes and their impacts on Syrian women refugees in Berlin in light of the Syrian crisisHabib, Nisren
2018 Ethnische Hierarchien in der Bewerberauswahl: Ein Feldexperiment zu den Ursachen von ArbeitsmarktdiskriminierungKoopmans, Ruud; Veit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2018 Social distance, immigrant integration, and welfare chauvinism in SwedenGoldschmidt, Tina; Rydgren, Jens
2018 The ADIS study: A large-scale correspondence test on labor market discrimination in Germany - Technical ReportVeit, Susanne; Yemane, Ruta
2018 Elite survey of the bridging project: "The political sociology of cosmopolitanism and communitarianism". Technical reportTeney, Céline; Strijbis, Oliver; Carol, Sarah; Tepe, Senem
2018 Cultural rights of native majorities between universalism and minority rightsKoopmans, Ruud
2014 Perceptions of ethno-cultural diversity and neighborhood cohesion in three European countriesKoopmans, Ruud; Schaeffer, Merlin
2014 Religious fundamentalism and out-group hostility among Muslims and Christians in Western EuropeKoopmans, Ruud
2013 De-composing diversity: In-group size and out-group entropy and their relationship to neighbourhood cohesionKoopmans, Ruud; Schaeffer, Merlin
2013 Ethnic diversity, public goods provision and social cohesion: Lessons from an inconclusive literatureSchaeffer, Merlin
2013 Language integration of labour migrants in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden from a historical perspectiveHöhne, Jutta
2013 The Six Country Immigrant Integration Comparative Survey (SCIICS): Technical reportErsanilli, Evelyn; Koopmans, Ruud
2012 Bystander responses and xenophobic mobilizationBraun, Robert; Koopmans, Ruud
2011 Ethnische Diversität, soziales Vertrauen und Zivilengagement: ProjektberichtKoopmans, Ruud; Dunkel, Anna; Schaeffer, Merlin; Veit, Susanne
2011 The Ethnic Diversity and Collective Action Survey (EDCAS): Technical reportSchaeffer, Merlin; Koopmans, Ruud; Veit, Susanne; Wagner, Mareike; Wiedner, Jonas
2011 Geschlechterunterschiede in islamischer Religiosität und Geschlechterrollenwerten: Ein Vergleich der Zusammenhänge am Beispiel der türkischen und marokkanischen zweiten Generation in BelgienScheible, Jana Anne; Fleischmann, Fenella
2010 Identity multiplicity among the Muslim second generation in European cities: Where are religious and ethnic identities compatible or conflicting with civic identities?Fleischmann, Fenella; Phalet, Karen
2010 Germanophobia in SwitzerlandHelbling, Marc
2010 Host-country cultural capital and labour market trajectories of migrants in Germany: The impact of host-country orientation and migrant-specific human and social capital on labour market transitionsHöhne, Jutta; Koopmans, Ruud
2009 Ethnic retention and host culture adoption among Turkish immigrants in Germany, France and the Netherlands: A controlled comparisonErsanilli, Evelyn; Koopmans, Ruud
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 26
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