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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2022Commitment versus Präemption: Zum Wesen der InitiativeBeckmann, Klaus; Dewenter, Ralf
2022The impact of the more economic approach on EU merger decisionsBernhardt, Lea; Dewenter, Ralf
2022Endogenous network effectsDewenter, Ralf; Löw, Franziska
2022Biased reporting by the German media?Löw, Franziska; Dewenter, Ralf
2021Typhoon and agricultural production portfolio: Empirical evidence for a developing economyThi Xuyen Tran
2021Quality signals on Airbnb: A hedonic regression approachLöw, Franziska; Lüth, Hendrik
2021Income comparison and happiness within householdsSalland, Jan; Dewenter, Ralf
2021The rainmaker?! The impact of investors on transfer fees in the English Premier LeagueRichau, Lukas; Follert, Florian; Frenger, Monika; Emrich, Eike
2021Reassessing car scrappage schemes in selected OECD countries: A synthetic control method applicationLüth, Hendrik
2020Konzept für eine MilitärökonomikBeckmann, Klaus
2020Watchdog or loyal servant? Political media bias in US newscastsBernhardt, Lea; Dewenter, Ralf; Thomas, Tobias
2020Endogenisierung der Politikreaktion im SIR-Modell einer EpidemieBeckmann, Klaus
2020Common factors of withdrawn and prohibited merger cases in the European UnionBernhardt, Lea
2019Second-hand price volatility of green ships: An empirical analysis across main shipping segmentsRoss, Harm Hauke
2018A new price test in geographic market definition: An application to German retail gasoline marketBantle, Melissa; Muijs, Matthias; Dewenter, Ralf
2018Can media drive the electorate? The impact of media coverage on party affiliation and voting intentionsDewenter, Ralf; Linder, Melissa; Thomas, Tobias
2018Droughts and corruptionWenzel, Daniela; Dewenter, Ralf
2017Market definition of platform marketsDewenter, Ralf; Heimeshoff, Ulrich; Löw, Franziska
2017The effects of adult and non-adult mortality on long-run economic development: Evidence from a heterogeneous dynamic and cross-sectionally dependent panel of countries between 1800 and 2010Herzer, Dierk; Nagel, Korbinian; Dewenter, Ralf
2017Bounded rationality in differential gamesBeckmann, Klaus B.; Dewenter, Ralf
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 195