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2016 A critique of the Richardson equationsBeckmann, Klaus; Gattke, Susan; Lechner, Anja; Reimer, Lennart
2016 Evaluating prediction markets for internal control applicationsWerner, Max
2016 International competition intensified: Job satisfaction sacrificed?Dluhosch, Barbara; Horgos, Daniel
2016 Child health, human capital and adult financial behaviorLuik, Marc-André
2016 Lineare dynamische Konfliktmodelle: Ein systematischer ÜberblickBeckmann, Klaus; Gattke, Susan; Lechner, Anja; Reimer, Lennart
2016 Innovation and immigration: Insights from a placement policyJahn, Vera; Steinhardt, Max Friedrich
2016 Information processing in freight and freight forward markets: An event study on OPEC announcementsLauenstein, Philipp; Küster Simic, André
2016 Can news draw blood? The impact of media coverage on the number and severity of terror attacksBeckmann, Klaus; Dewenter, Ralf; Thomas, Tobias
2016 Deficit policy within the framework of the stability and growth pact: Empirical results and lessons for the fiscal compactAfflatet, Nicolas
2016 Shared value potential of transporting cargo via hyperloopWerner, Max; Eißing, Klaus; Langton, Sebastian
2016 Monitoring venture capital investments through internal control prediction marketsWerner, Max; Vianelli, Andrea; Bodek, Mariusz C.
2016 A life course perspective on the income-to-health relationship: Macro-empirical evidence from two centuriesNagel, Korbinian
2016 Institutional reform and depositors' portfolio choice: Evidence from bank account dataBerlemann, Michael; Luik, Marc-André
2016 Does the 4th estate deliver? Towards more direct measure of political media biasDewenter, Ralf; Dulleck, Uwe; Thomas, Tobias
2015 Preisgarantien im KraftstoffmarktDewenter, Ralf; Schwalbe, Ulrich
2015 The Boulding-Richardson model revisitedBeckmann, Klaus; Gattke, Susan; Reimer, Lennart
2015 Fiscal policy in a debt crisis: A modelAfflatet, Nicolas
2015 The importance of Mittelstand firms for regional apprenticeship activity: Lessons for policyJahn, Vera
2015 Rechts? Links? Liberal? Egal? Gründe für die Entstehung verzerrter Medieninhalte und Methoden zur Messung des BiasIm Winkel, Niklas
2014 Determinants of House Price Dynamics. What Can We Learn From Search Engine Data?Bennöhr, Lars; Oestmann, Marco
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 195