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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Farsightedness and Cautiousness in Coalition FormationMauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2005 A Characterization of Stochastically Stable NetworksVannetelbosch, Vincent; Tercieux, Olivier
2005 R&D Networks Among Unionized FirmsVannetelbosch, Vincent; Mauleon, Ana; Sempere-Monerris, José
2008 Von Neumann-Morgenstern farsightedly stable sets in two-sided matchingMauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent; Vergote, Wouter
2009 Connections among farsighted agentsVannetelbosch, Vincent; Grandjean, Gilles; Mauleon, Ana
2009 Contractually stable networksVannetelbosch, Vincent; Caulier, Jean-François; Mauleon, Ana
2010 A characterization of farsightedly stable networksGrandjean, Gilles; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2010 Coalition formation among farsighted agentsHerings, P. Jean-Jacques; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2011 Myopic or farsighted? An experiment on network formationMantovani, Marco; Kirchsteiger, Georg; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2013 Bargaining and delay in trading networksBedayo, Mikel; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2013 Relative concerns and delays in bargaining with private informationMauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2014 Whom are you talking with? An experiment on credibility and communication structureGrandjean, Gilles; Mantovani, Marco; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2015 Constitutions and social networksMauleon, Ana; Roehl, Nils; Vannetelbosch, Vincent
2017 Matching with Myopic and Farsighted PlayersHerings, P. Jean-Jacques; Mauleon, Ana; Vannetelbosch, Vincent