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2009 Incorporating fairness motives into the impulse balance equilibrium and quantal response equilibrium concepts: An application to 2x2 gamesTavoni, Alessandro
2010 Coordinating to protect the global climate: Experimental evidence on the role of inequality and commitmentTavoni, Alessandro; Dannenberg, Astrid; Löschel, Andreas
2010 The survival of the conformist: social pressure and renewable resource managementTavoni, Alessandro; Schlüter, Maja; Levin, Simon
2011 Coordination under threshold uncertainty in a public goods gameDannenberg, Astrid; Löschel, Andreas; Paolacci, Gabriele; Reif, Christiane; Tavoni, Alessandro
2012 Domestic politics and the formation of international environmental agreementsDietz, Simon; Marchiori, Carmen; Tavoni, Alessandro
2014 Urban Network Economics and the Environment: Insights and PerspectivesCurrarini, Sergio; Marchiori, Carmen; Tavoni, Alessandro
2015 Luring Others into Climate Action: Coalition Formation Games with Threshold and Spillover EffectsBosetti, Valentina; Heugues, Melanie; Tavoni, Alessandro
2016 How Green are Economists?Carattini, Stefano; Tavoni, Alessandro
2016 Delegation and Public Pressure in a Threshold Public Goods Game: Theory and Experimental EvidenceIris, Doruk; Lee, Jungmin; Tavoni, Alessandro
2016 Tipping Points and Loss Aversion in International Environmental AgreementsIris, Doruk; Tavoni, Alessandro
2020 Domestic pressure and international climate cooperationTavoni, Alessandro; Winkler, Ralph
2020 Guards vs vigilantes: The effect of rule enforcement strategies on sustainable use norms in common property regimesBreen, Trevor; Tavoni, Alessandro