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2001 A note on testing for environmental Kuznets curves with panel dataDijkgraaf, Elbert; Vollebergh, Herman R. J.
2003 Burn or Bury? A Social Cost Comparison of Final Waste Disposal MethodsDijkgraaf, Elbert; Vollebergh, Herman R.J.
2005 The Bicausal Relation between Religion and IncomeBettendorf, Leon; Dijkgraaf, Elbert
2007 Mean and Bold?Witte, Kristof De; Dijkgraaf, Elbert
2007 Identifying Reduced-Form Relations with Panel DataVollebergh, Herman R.J.; Melenberg, Bertrand; Dijkgraaf, Elbert
2009 Defining European Wholesale Electricity Markets: An “And/Or” ApproachDijkgraaf, Elbert; Janssen, Maarten C.W.
2009 Competition and Educational Quality: Evidence from The NetherlandsDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond H.J.M.; de Jong, Matthijs
2009 School Choice and CompetitionDijkgraaf, Elbert; van der Geest, Stephanie; Gradus, Raymond H.J.M; de Jong, Matthijs
2014 Efficiency Effects of Unit-based Pricing Systems and Institutional Choices of Waste CollectionDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond
2014 On the Effectiveness of Feed-in Tariffs in the Development of Photovoltaic SolarDijkgraaf, Elbert; van Dorp, Tom; Maasland, Emiel
2014 The Effectiveness of Dutch Municipal Recycling PoliciesDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond
2016 Post Separation of Plastic Waste: Better for the Environment and Lower Collection CostsDijkgraaf, Elbert; Gradus, Raymond
2016 A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for Incineration or Recycling of Dutch Household PlasticsGradus, Raymond; van Koppen, Rick; Dijkgraaf, Elbert; Nillesen, Paul
2017 Dutch Municipalities are Becoming Greener: Some Political and Institutional ExplanationsGradus, Raymond; Dijkgraaf, Elbert
2020 Dutch municipal elections 1998-2018: more localism and fragmentationGradus, Raymond; Dijkgraaf, Elbert; Budding, Tjerk