Discussion Papers, Collaborative Research Center Transregio 15: Governance and the Efficiency of Economic Systems, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU) et al.

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2015A theory of Crowdfunding: A mechanism design approach with demand uncertainty and moral hazardStrausz, Roland
2015Weak markets, strong teachers: Recession at career start and teacher effectivenessNagler, Markus; Piopiunik, Marc; West, Martin R.
2015Does contingent capital induce excessive risk-taking?Berg, Tobias; Kaserer, Christoph
2015Who goes first? Strategic delay and learning by waitingWagner, Peter
2015Asymmetric price adjustments: A supply side approachAntoniou, Fabio; Fiocco, Raffaele; Guo, Dongyu
2015Foreclosure auctionsNiedermayer, Andreas; Shneyerov, Artyom; Xu, Pia
2015Repeated implementationĀzacis, Helmuts; Vida, Péter
2015Size matters: "Over"investments in a relational contracting settingEnglmaier, Florian; Fahn, Matthias
2015Complementarities of HRM practices: A case for employing multiple methods and integrating multiple fieldsEnglmaier, Florian; Schüßler, Katharina
2015Democratic redistribution and rule of the majorityCorneo, Giacomo; Neher, Frank
2015A simple way to identify the degree of collusion under proportional reductionShcherbakov, Oleksandr; Wakamori, Naoki
2015The total costs of corporate borrowing in the loan market: Don't ignore the feesBerg, Tobias; Saunders, Anthony; Steffen, Sascha
2015Innovation strategies and stock price informativenessDing, Haina
2015The impact of fine size and uncertainty on punishment and deterrence: Theory and evidence from the laboratoryFeess, Eberhard; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah; Schramm, Markus; Wohlschlegel, Ansgar
2015Balance of power and the propensity of conflictHerbst, Luisa; Konrad, Kai A.; Morath, Florian
2015Merger policy in a quantitative model of international tradeBreinlich, Holger; Nocke, Volker; Schutz, Nicolas
2015Parental background matters: Intergenerational mobility and assimilation of Italian immigrants in GermanyBönke, Timm; Neidhöfer, Guido
2015Licensing innovations: The case of the inside patent holderFan, Cuihong; Jun, Byoung Heon; Wolfstetter, Elmar G.
2015Believing when credible: Talking about future plans and past actionsVida, Péter
2015Reciprocity in organisations: Evidence from the UKEnglmaier, Florian; Kolaska, Thomas; Leider, Stephen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 522
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