ISER Discussion Papers, The Institute of Social and Economic Research, Osaka University

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2021 Do elite colleges matter? The impact on entrepreneurship decisions and career dynamicsGuo, Naijia; Leung, Charles Ka Yui
2021 Financial conditions, local competition, and loca market leaders: The case of real estate developersFan, Ying; Leung, Charles Ka Yui; Yang, Zan
2021 Nonverbal content and trust: An experiment on digital communicationBabutsidze, Zakaria; Hanaki, Nobuyuki; Zylbersztejn, Adam
2021 Beliefs in repeated gamesAoyagi, Masaki; Fr├ęchette, Guillaume R.; Yuksel, Sevgi
2021 Temporal instability of risk preference among the poor: Evidence from payday cyclesAkesaka, Mika; Eibich, Peter; Hanaoka, Chie; Shigeoka, Hitoshi
2021 Market concentration and incentives to collude in Cournot oligopoly experimentsHanaki, Nobuyuki; Masili┼źnas, Aidas
2021 Pioneer, early follower or late entrant: Entry dynamics with learning and market competitionChen, Chia-hui; Ishida, Junichiro; Mukherjee, Arijit
2021 A behavioral explanation for the puzzling persistence of the aggregate real exchange rateCrucini, Mario J.; Shintani, Mototsugu; Tsuruga, Takayuki
2021 The dynamics of the house price-to-income ratio: Theory and evidenceLeung, Charles Ka Yui; Tang, Edward Chi Ho
2021 How did the asset markets change after the Global Financial Crisis?Chang, Kuang-Liang; Leung, Charles Ka Yui
2021 Defending home against giants: Exclusive dealing as a survival strategy for local firmsKitamura, Hiroshi; Matsushima, Noriaki; Sato, Misato
2021 Competition between physical and electronic content retailersKittaka, Yuta; Matsushima, Noriaki; Saruta, Fuyuki
2021 Lease or sale: When a durable goods monopolist can choosesupply chain's opennessKitamura, Hiroshi; Matsushima, Noriaki; Sato, Misato
2021 A characterization of the Vickery rule in slot allocation problemsZhou, Yu; Chun, Youngsub; Serizawa, Shigehiro
2021 Which is better for durable goods producers, exclusive or open supply chain?Kitamura, Hiroshi; Matsushima, Noriaki; Sato, Misato
2021 Strategic uncertainty and probabilistic sophisticationAoyagi, Masaki; Masuda, Takehito; Nishimura, Naoko
2021 A Japan's experimental comparison of rebate and matching in charitable givingSasaki, Shusaku; Kurokawa, Hirofumi; Ohtake, Fumio
2021 Multi-object auction design beyond quasi-linearity: Leading examplesZhou, Yu; Serizawa, Shigehiro
2021 Financial destabilizationHashimoto, Ken-ichi; Im, Ryonghun; Kunieda, Takuma; Shibata, Akihisa
2020 Product innovation, product diversification, and firm growth: Evidence from Japan's early industrializationBraginskij, Sergej V.; Ohyama, Atsushi; Okazaki, Tetsuji; Syverson, Chad
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 559