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2023 Cognitive reflection and 2D:4D: Evidence from a large population sampleNeyse, Levent; Fossen, Frank M.; Johannesson, Magnus; Dreber, Anna
2023 On the constrained efficiency of strategy-proof random assignmentBasteck, Christian; Ehlers, Lars H.
2022 Adding household surveys to the behavioral economics toolbox: Insights from the SOEP Innovation SampleFischbacher, Urs; Neyse, Levent; Richter, David; Schröder, Carsten
2022 Aversion to hiring algorithms: Transparency, gender profiling, and self-confidenceDargnies, Marie-Pierre; Hakimov, Rustamdjan; Kübler, Dorothea
2022 Keep calm and carry on: The short- vs. long-run effects of mindfulness meditation on (academic) performanceCassar, Lea; Fischer, Mira; Valero, Vanessa
2022 The endowment effect in the general populationFehr, Dietmar; Kübler, Dorothea
2022 Behavioral forces driving information unravelingBenndorf, Volker; Kübler, Dorothea; Normann, Hans-Theo
2022 Strategy-proof and envy-free random assignmentBasteck, Christian; Ehlers, Lars H.
2022 Confidence and college applications: Evidence from a randomized interventionHakimov, Rustamdjan; Schmacker, Renke; Terrier, Camille
2022 Betting on diversity: Occupational segregation and gender stereotypesFischbacher, Urs; Kübler, Dorothea; Stüber, Robert
2021 Selective memory of a psychological agentHagenbach, Jeanne; Koessler, Frédéric
2021 Can simple advice eliminate the gender gap in willingness to compete?Kessel, Dany; Mollerstrom, Johanna; van Veldhuizen, Roel
2021 Aiding applicants: Leveling the playing field within the immediate acceptance mechanismBasteck, Christian; Mantovani, Marco
2020 Two field experiments on self-selection, collaboration intensity, and team performanceFischer, Mira; Rilke, Rainer Michael; Yurtoglu, B. Burcin
2020 Understanding the response to high-stakes incentives in primary educationBach, Maximilian; Fischer, Mira
2019 Comparison of different question formats eliciting point predictionsKröger, Sabine; Pierrot, Thibaud
2019 What point of a distribution summarises point predictions?Kröger, Sabine; Pierrot, Thibaud
2019 Experiments on matching markets: A surveyHakimov, Rustamdjan; Kübler, Dorothea
2019 Contests within and between groupsBhattacharya, Puja; Rampal, Jeevant
2019 Decentralizing centralized matching markets: Implications from early offers in university admissionsGrenet, Julien; He, Yinghua; Kübler, Dorothea
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 101
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