Alle Publikationen von Forscherinnen und Forschern des WZB

Hinweis: "Diese Sammlung enthält ausschließlich Texte, die WZB-Forscherinnen und Forscher während ihrer Tätigkeit am WZB verfassten. Einige dieser Publikationen wurden auf der Basis gesonderter Rechtsvereinbarungen von der WZB-Bibliothek nachträglich digitalisiert.

This collection only contains publications written by WZB researchers while they were affiliated with the WZB. Some of these documents were retrospectively digitized by the WZB library based on special copyright agreements."

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Politicization, party politics and military missions deployment votes in France, Germany, Spain, and the United KingdomWagner, Wolfgang; Herranz-Surrallés, Anna; Kaarbo, Juliet; Ostermann, Falk
2017 So What Do You Do? Experimenting with Space for Social CreativityBerthoin Antal, Ariane; Friedman, Victor J.
2017 Close interaction, incompatible regimes, contentious challenges: The transnational movement to protect privacyTarrow, Sidney
2017 Be a man or become a nurse: Comparing gender discrimination by employers across a wide variety of professionsKübler, Dorothea; Schmid, Julia; Stüber, Robert
2017 Social identity and political polarization: Evidence on the impact of identity on partisan voting tradeDuell, Dominik; Valasek, Justin Mattias
2017 A little good is good enough: Ethical consumption, cheap excuses, and moral self-licensingEngel, Jannis; Szech, Nora
2017 Exclusion in the all-pay auction: An experimental investigationFehr, Dietmar; Schmid, Julia
2017 Quality certifications for nonprofits, charitable giving, and donor's trust: Experimental evidenceAdena, Maja; Alizade, Jeyhun; Bohner, Frauke; Harke, Julian; Mesters, Fabio
2017 Mechanism design with level-k types: Theory and an application to bilateral tradeKneeland, Terri
2017 Contextualized cosmopolitanism: Human rights practice in South KoreaShin, Yoon Jin
2017 Narrow framing in charitable giving: Results from a two-period field experimentAdena, Maja; Huck, Steffen
2017 Alter Wolf im neuen Schafspelz? Die Persistenz sozialer Ungleichheiten im Berliner SchulsystemHelbig, Marcel; Nikolai, Rita
2017 Behavioural response to a sudden health risk: Dengue and educational outcomes in ColombiaBarron, Kai; Gamboa, Luis F.; Rodriguez-Lesmes, Paul
2017 Post-Snowden internet policy: between public outrage, resistance and policy changePohle, Julia; Van Audenhove, Leo
2017 Warum Digitalpolitik?Jaume-Palasí, Lorena; Pohle, Julia; Spielkamp, Matthias
2016 Online fundraising, self-deception, and the long-term impact of ask avoidanceAdena, Maja; Huck, Steffen
2016 A note on charitable giving by corporates and aristocrats: Evidence from a field experimentBassi, Vittorio; Huck, Steffen; Rasul, Imran
2016 Games played through agents in the laboratory: A test of Prat & Rustichini's modelEnsthaler, Ludwig; Huck, Steffen; Leutgeb, Johannes
2016 Markets for leaked informationHuck, Steffen; Weizsäcker, Georg
2016 Homo moralis: Personal characteristics, institutions, and moral decision-makingDeckers, Thomas; Falk, Armin; Kosse, Fabian; Szech, Nora
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2645