Public Policy Discussion Papers, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

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2013 Security of retail payments: The new strategic objectiveStavins, Joanna
2013 The Credit CARD Act of 2009: What did banks do?Jambulapati, Vikram; Stavins, Joanna
2013 Changes in US household balance sheet behavior after the housing bust and Great Recession: Evidence from panel dataCooper, Daniel
2013 Economic distress and resurgence in US central cities: Concepts, causes, and policy leversKodrzycki, Yolanda K.; Muñoz, Ana Patricia
2013 The role of banks in the transmission of monetary policyPeek, Joe; Rosengren, Eric S.
2013 The role of proximity in foreclosure externalities: Evidence from condominiumsFisher, Lynn M.; Lambie-Hanson, Lauren; Willen, Paul S.
2013 Wealth shocks and macroeconomic dynamicsCooper, Daniel; Dynan, Karen
2013 When does delinquency result in neglect? Mortgage distress and property maintenanceLambie-Hanson, Lauren
2013 Is monetary policy overburdened?Orphanides, Athanasios
2012 Who gains and who loses from the 2011 debit card interchange fee reform?Shy, Oz
2012 Effects of credit scores on consumer payment choiceHayashi, Fumiko; Stavins, Joanna
2012 Payment size, negative equity, and mortgage defaultFuster, Andreas; Willen, Paul S.
2012 Shifting confidence in homeownership: The great recessionBracha, Anat; Jamison, Julian C.
2012 Foreclosure externalities: Some new evidenceGerardi, Kristopher S.; Rosenblatt, Eric; Willen, Paul S.; Yao, Vincent W.
2012 Why don't most merchants use price discounts to steer consumer payment choice?Briglevics, Tamás; Shy, Oz
2012 Labor-market polarization over the business cycleFoote, Christopher L.; Ryan, Richard W.
2012 The supplemental security income program and welfare reformSchmidt, Lucie
2012 A psychological perspective of financial panicBracha, Anat; Weber, Elke U.
2012 Why did so many people make so many ex post bad decisions? The causes of the foreclosure crisisFoote, Christopher L.; Gerardi, Kristopher S.; Willen, Paul S.
2011 Do borrower rights improve borrower outcomes? Evidence from the foreclosure processGerardi, Kristopher; Lambie-Hanson, Lauren; Willen, Paul S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 78