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Bonacini, Luca
Gallo, Giovanni
Scicchitano, Sergio
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GLO Discussion Paper No. 832
In this paper, we explore channels by which household background determines an individual's educational and social opportunities in Italy. Our analysis relies on a rich dataset that contains data both on individuals and their real parents, as well as information on individuals' non-cognitive skills. This paper also represents the first attempt to evaluate if and to what extent personality traits affect educational and occupational opportunities in Italy and how they interact with household background. The results highlight that the level of parental education is more relevant than the level of parental occupational skill in individuals' educational and social opportunities. The inclusion of 'Big-5' variables in the model helps control for omitted variables and reduces the unobserved heterogeneity in intergenerational social mobility among individuals with the same level of education and skills. Our results depict a dual and unequal labour market.
intergenerational mobility
equality of opportunity
household background
regional studies
personality traits
big five
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Working Paper

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