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2024Urbanization and the Change in Political ElitesFranck, Raphaël; Gay, Victor
2024Ethnic identity and educational outcomesRandazzo, Teresa; Piracha, Matloob
2024Family background, education, and earnings: The limited value of "test-score transmission"Friedman-Sokuler, Naomi; Justman, Moshe
2024Exploring the Spillover Effects of Internally Displaced Settlements on the Wellbeing of Children of the LocalesUchenna, Efobi; Joseph, Ajefu
2024Hukou status and children's education in ChinaSun, Yue; Zhao, Liqiu; Zhao, Zhong
2024Weather Conditions and Physical Activity: Insights for Climate Emergency PoliciesBelloc, Ignacio; Gimenez-Nadal, José Ignacio; Molina, José Alberto
2024Childhood Circumstances and Health of American and Chinese Older Adults: A Machine Learning Evaluation of Inequality of Opportunity in HealthHuo, Shutong; Feng, Derek; Gill, Thomas M.; Chen, Xi
2024The long-lasting effect of feudal human capital: Insights from VietnamHoang, Trung Xuan; Nguyen, Cuong Viet
2024Using Survey-to-Survey Imputation to Fill Poverty Data Gaps at a Low Cost: Evidence from a Randomized Survey ExperimentDang, Hai-Anh; Kilic, Talip; Hlasny, Vladimir; Abanokova, Kseniya; Carletto, Calogero
2024Occupational Segregation and the Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from EthiopiaBedaso, Fenet Jima
2024The Entrepreneur's Cognitive and Behavioral Journey: Understanding Heuristics and Bias under Risk and UncertaintyCucchiarini, Veronica; Scicchitano, Sergio; Viale, Riccardo
2024Bride Kidnapping and Informal Governance InstitutionsPorreca, Zachary
2024Intergenerational (im)mobility in Pakistan: Is the social elevator broken?Andlib, Zubaria; Sadiq, Maqsood; Scicchitano, Sergio
2024COVID-19, School Closures, and Student Learning Outcomes: New Global Evidence from PISAJakubowski, Maciej; Gajderowicz, Tomasz; Patrinos, Harry
2024Reviewing Assessment Tools for Measuring Country Statistical CapacityDang, Hai-Anh H.; Pullinger, John; Serajuddin, Umar; Stacy, Brian
2024Early Life Exposure to the Great Chinese Famine (1959-1961) and the Health of Older Adults in China: A Meta-Analysis (2008-2023)Shen, Chi; Chen, Xi
2024Gender Quotas, Board Diversity and Spillover Effects. Evidence from Italian BanksDel Prete, Silvia; Papini, Giulio; Tonello, Marco
2024Digital Mobility of Financial Capital Across Different Time Zones, Factor Prices and Sectoral CompositionMandal, Biswajit
2024Social Identity and Labor Market Outcomes of Internal Migrant WorkersCai, Shu; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2024Citizenship, math and gender: Exploring immigrant students' choice of majorsMurat, Marina
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1424
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