GLO Discussion Paper Series, Global Labor Organization (GLO)

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2020 Inflated Expectations and Commodity Prices: Evidence from KazakhstanGirard, Victoire; Kudebayeva, Alma; Toews, Gerhard
2020 Are Older Workers Willing to Learn?Ruhose, Jens; Thomsen, Stephan L.; Weilage, Insa
2020 The Impact of Forced Displacement on Host Communities. A Review of the Empirical Literature in EconomicsVerme, Paolo; Schuettler, Kirsten
2020 Genetic Risks, Adolescent Health and Schooling AttainmentAmin, Vikesh; Behrman, Jere R.; Fletcher, Jason M.; Flores, Carlos A.; Flores-Lagunes, Alfonso; Kohler, Hans-Peter
2020 A tale of three countries: How did Covid-19 lockdown impact happiness?Greyling, Talita; Rossouw, Stephanie; Adhikari, Tamanna
2020 How do new immigration flows affect existing immigrants? Evidence from the refugee crisis in GermanyDeole, Sumit; Huang, Yue
2020 The Short-Term Effect of COVID-19 on Self-Employed Workers in CanadaBeland, Louis-Philippe; Fakorede, Oluwatobi; Mikola, Derek
2020 The Dynamic Electoral Returns of a Large Anti-Poverty ProgramZimmermann, Laura
2020 Bitter Sugar: Slavery and the Black FamilyBertocchi, Graziella; Dimico, Arcangelo
2020 COVID-19, Stay-at-Home Orders and Employment: Evidence from CPS DataBeland, Louis-Philippe; Brodeur, Abel; Wright, Taylor
2020 The Short-Term Economic Consequences of COVID-19: Exposure to Disease, Remote Work and Government ResponseBéland, Louis-Philippe; Brodeur, Abel; Wright, Taylor
2020 Safety at Work and ImmigrationBellés-Obrero, Cristina; Martin Bassols, Nicolau; Vall Castello, Judit
2020 The short-term Economic Consequences of COVID-19: Occupation Tasks and Mental Health in CanadaBeland, Louis-Philippe; Brodeur, Abel; Mikola, Derek; Wright, Taylor
2020 Longer School Schedules, Childcare and the Quality of Mothers’ Employment: Evidence from School Reform in ChileBerthelon, Matias; Kruger, Diana; Lauer, Catalina; Tiberti, Luca; Zamora, Carlos
2020 Does Immigration Decrease Far-Right Popularity? Evidence from Finnish MunicipalitiesLonsky, Jakub
2020 The technological contest between China and the United StatesToro Hardy, Alfredo
2020 The COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on inequality of opportunity in psychological distress in the UKDavillas, Apostolos; Jones, Andrew M.
2020 Deportation, Crime, and VictimizationRozo, Sandra V.; Anders, Therese; Raphael, Steven
2020 Confronting COVID-19 Myths: Morbidity and MortalityJelnov, Pavel
2020 Climate Shocks and Teenage FertilityDessy, Sylvain; Marchetta, Francesca; Pongou, Roland; Tiberti, Luca
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 628
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