Global Labor Organization (GLO)

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) is a global, independent, non-partisan and non-governmental organization, that has no institutional position. The GLO functions as an international network and virtual platform for researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the general public interested in scientific research and its policy and societal implications on global labor markets, demographic challenges and human resources. These topics are defined broadly in line with its Mission to embrace the global diversity of labor markets, institutions, and policy challenges, covering advanced economies as well as transition and less developed countries.

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) aims to fill a significant gap in the global community between scientific research and evidence-based policy making. To this end as an international network and virtual platform the Mission of the GLO is to promote in the realm of labor with an explicit global perspective

◾high quality and policy relevant research and research collaboration,

◾on this basis evidence-based scientific policy advice,

◾dissemination of and debate on research results, evidence, best practices and the implications for policy and society to the wider public, and

◾vast virtual resources for the global network to stimulate contact, exchange and access to research, data, policy proposals, opportunities for collaboration as well as valuable information about funding opportunities and the job market.

The Global Labor Organization (GLO) is supported by individuals as well as organizations with a thematic interest and a strong ambition to contribute to an effective global network and to benefit from it.

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