GLO Discussion Paper Series, Global Labor Organization (GLO)

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2018 The Signal of Applying for a Job Under a Vacancy Referral SchemeVan Belle, Eva; Caers, Ralf; De Couck, Marijke; Di Stasio, Valentina; Baert, Stijn
2018 Financial stress and Indigenous AustraliansBreunig, Robert; Hasan, Syed; Hunter, Boyd
2018 Returns to Education and Female Work Force Participation Nexus: Evidence from IndiaKanjilal-Bhaduri, Sanghamitra; Pastore, Francesco
2018 Technological catching-up, sales dynamics and employment growth: evidence from China’s manufacturing firmsDosi, Giovanni; Yu, Xiaodan
2018 Economic Pluralism in the Study of Wage Discrimination: A NoteDrydakis, Nick
2018 The Inter-generational Fertility Effect of an Abortion Ban: Understanding the Role of Inherited Wealth and PreferencesGutierrezy, Federico H.
2018 A Sharing Model of the Household: Explaining the Deaton-Paxson Paradox and Computing Household Indifference ScalesGutierrezy, Federico H.
2018 A fuzzy approach to measuring violence against women and its severityBettio, Francesca; Ticci, Elisa; Betti, Gianni
2018 Heterogeneous Effects of Credit Constraints on SMEs’ Employment: Evidence from the Great RecessionCornille, David; Rycx, François; Tojerow, Ilan
2018 Public Opinion and Immigration: Who Favors Employment Discrimination against Immigrants?Cooray, Arusha; Marfouk, Abdeslam; Nazir, Maliha
2018 I’m Neither Racist nor Xenophobic, but: Dissecting European Attitudes towards a Ban on Muslims’ ImmigrationMarfouk, Abdeslam
2018 A contribution to the theory of fertility and economic developmentGori, Luca; Sodini, Mauro
2018 Fertility and Population PolicyOuedraogo, Abdoulaye; Tosun, Mehmet S.; Yang, Jingjing
2018 Alternatives to Polynomial Trend-Corrected Differences-In-Differences ModelsVandenberghe, Vincent
2018 Data Gaps, Data Incomparability, and Data Imputation: A Review of Poverty Measurement Methods for Data-Scarce EnvironmentsDang, Hai-Anh; Jolliffe, Dean; Carletto, Calogero
2018 If not now, when? The timing of childbirth and labour market outcomesPicchio, Matteo; Pigini, Claudia; Staffolani, Stefano; Verashchagina, Alina
2018 Migration as an adjustment mechanism in the crisis? A comparison of Europe and the United States 2006-2016Jauer, Julia; Liebig, Thomas; Martin, John P.; Puhani, Patrick A.
2018 Successful Transition to a Market Economy in Vietnam: An Interpretation from Organizational Ecology TheoryTran, Hien Thu; Santarelli, Enrico
2018 Equilibrium Real Interest Rates, Secular Stagnation, and the Financial Cycle: Empirical Evidence for Euro-Area Member CountriesBelke, Ansgar; Klose, Jens
2018 Evaluating intergenerational persistence of economic preferences: A large scale experiment with families in BangladeshChowdhury, Shyamal; Sutter, Matthias; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 212
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