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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Labor market returns to college education with vocational qualificationsRzepka, Sylvi
2018 Remittances and the Brain Drain: Evidence from Microdata for Sub-Saharan AfricaBredtmann, Julia; Martínez Flores, Fernanda; Otten, Sebastian
2015 Reform des EU-Emissionshandels: Eine Alternative zu Mindestpreisen für Zertifikate und der MarktstabilitätsreserveAndor, Mark Andreas; Frondel, Manuel; Sommer, Stephan
2015 Labour market dynamics and worker heterogeneity during the Great Recession: Evidence from EuropeBachmann, Ronald; Bechara, Peggy; Kramer, Anica; Rzepka, Sylvi
2014 Is Peace a Missing Value or a Zero? On selection models in political scienceVance, Colin; Ritter, Nolan
2014 When outcome heterogeneously matters for selection: a generalized selection correction estimatorReichert, Arndt; Tauchmann, Harald
2014 Measuring Regional Spillovers in Long- and Short-Run Models of Total Factor Productivity, Trade, and FDIMitze, Timo
2014 Defining Hospital Markets - An Application to the German Hospital SectorHentschker, Corinna; Mennicken, Roman; Schmid, Andreas
2013 National Sentiment and Economic Behavior: Evidence From Online Betting on European FootballBraun, Sebastian; Kvasnicka, Michael
2013 Who Does the Shopping? German time-use evidence, 1996-2009Vance, Colin; Procher, Vivien
2013 Parental leave regulations, mothers' labor force attachment and fathers' childcare involvement: evidence from a natural experimentKluve, Jochen; Tamm, Marcus
2013 Do fewer people mean fewer cars? Population decline and car ownership in GermanyRitter, Nolan; Vance, Colin
2013 Heterogeneity in the Effect of Home Energy Audits: Theory and EvidenceFrondel, Manuel; Vance, Colin
2013 The impact of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on the acquirers' R & D Firm-level evidenceStiebale, Joel
2013 Jeder für sich oder doch mehr für alle? Wege zu einer intensiveren regionalen Kooperation im RuhrgebietBreidenbach, Philipp; Kambeck, Rainer; Matz, Florian; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2013 Missing wages: How to test for biased estimates in wage functions?Fertig, Michael; Görlitz, Katja
2013 Gender Differences in the Earnings Mobility of MigrantsFlake, Regina
2013 Tobacco and alcohol: complements or substitutes?Tauchmann, Harald; Lenz, Silja; Requate, Till; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2013 The Impact of a Large Parental Leave Benefit Reform on the Timing of Birth around the Day of ImplementationTamm, Marcus
2013 Are My Neighbours Ageing Yet? Local Dimensions of Demographic Change in German CitiesNeumann, Uwe
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42