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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Remittances and the Brain Drain: Evidence from Microdata for Sub-Saharan AfricaBredtmann, Julia; Martínez Flores, Fernanda; Otten, Sebastian
2018 Labor market returns to college education with vocational qualificationsRzepka, Sylvi
2015 Reform des EU-Emissionshandels: Eine Alternative zu Mindestpreisen für Zertifikate und der MarktstabilitätsreserveAndor, Mark Andreas; Frondel, Manuel; Sommer, Stephan
2015 Labour market dynamics and worker heterogeneity during the Great Recession: Evidence from EuropeBachmann, Ronald; Bechara, Peggy; Kramer, Anica; Rzepka, Sylvi
2014 Defining Hospital Markets - An Application to the German Hospital SectorHentschker, Corinna; Mennicken, Roman; Schmid, Andreas
2014 Measuring Regional Spillovers in Long- and Short-Run Models of Total Factor Productivity, Trade, and FDIMitze, Timo
2014 Is Peace a Missing Value or a Zero? On selection models in political scienceVance, Colin; Ritter, Nolan
2014 When outcome heterogeneously matters for selection: a generalized selection correction estimatorReichert, Arndt; Tauchmann, Harald
2013 National Sentiment and Economic Behavior: Evidence From Online Betting on European FootballBraun, Sebastian; Kvasnicka, Michael
2013 Who Does the Shopping? German time-use evidence, 1996-2009Vance, Colin; Procher, Vivien
2013 Heterogeneity in the Effect of Home Energy Audits: Theory and EvidenceFrondel, Manuel; Vance, Colin
2013 Federal state differentials in the efficiency of health production in Germany: an artifact of spatial dependence?Felder, Stefan; Tauchmann, Harald
2013 Re-Identifying the Rebound: What About Asymmetry?Frondel, Manuel; Vance, Colin
2013 Tobacco and alcohol: complements or substitutes?Tauchmann, Harald; Lenz, Silja; Requate, Till; Schmidt, Christoph M.
2013 The Impact of a Large Parental Leave Benefit Reform on the Timing of Birth around the Day of ImplementationTamm, Marcus
2013 Demographic change and the labour share of incomeSchmidt, Torsten; Vosen, Simeon
2013 Are My Neighbours Ageing Yet? Local Dimensions of Demographic Change in German CitiesNeumann, Uwe
2013 The impact of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on the acquirers' R & D Firm-level evidenceStiebale, Joel
2013 Gender Differences in the Earnings Mobility of MigrantsFlake, Regina
2013 Missing wages: How to test for biased estimates in wage functions?Fertig, Michael; Görlitz, Katja
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42