Working Paper Series, Graduiertenkolleg "Kapitalmärkte und Finanzwirtschaft im erweiterten Europa", Europa-Universität Viadrina

ISSN: 1617-6014

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006Leaders and Laggards: International Evidence on Spillovers in Returns, Variance, and Trading VolumeGebka, Bartosz
2006Allocative efficiency measurement revisited: Do we really need input prices?Badunenko, Oleg; Fritsch, Michael; Stephan, Andreas
2006Political Orientation of Government and Stock Market ReturnsBialkowski, Jedrzej; Gottschalk, Katrin; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr
2006Institutional investors and stock market efficiency: The case of the January anomalyBohl, Martin T.; Gottschalk, Katrin; Henke, Harald; Pál, Rozália
2006Multiple Priors And No-Transaction RegionKozhan, Roman
2006Stock Market Volatility around National ElectionsBialkowski, Jedrzej; Gottschalk, Katrin; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr
2005The Bundesbank's Communications Strategy and Policy Conflicts with the Federal GovernmentSiklos, Pierre L.; Bohl, Martin T.
2005The relationship between insider trading and volume-induced return autocorrelationGilbert, Aaron; Tourani Rad, Alireza; Wisniewski, Tomasz Piotr
2005Institutional Investors and the Information Content of Earnings Announcements: The Case of PolandTavakkol, Amir; Korczak, Piotr
2005Steht der deutsche Aktienmarkt unter politischem Einfluss?Gottschalk, Katrin; Bohl, Martin T.
2005Regional Disparities in the European Union: Convergence and AgglomerationStephan, Andreas; Happich, Michael; Geppert, Kurt
2005Do Eurozone Countries Cheat with their Budget Deficit Forecasts?Stephan, Andreas; Brück, Tilman
2005Trading Behavior During Stock Market Downturns: The Dow, 1915 - 2004Siklos, Pierre L.; Bohl, Martin T.
2005The individual micro-lending contract: Is it a better design than joint-liability? - Evidence from GeorgiaVigenina, Denitsa; Kritikos, Alexander S.
2005The Role of Asset Prices in Euro Area Monetary Policy: Specification and Estimation of Policy Rules and Implications for the European Central BankBohl, Martin T.; Siklos, Pierre L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15
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