Working Papers in Economics and Statistics, Universität Innsbruck

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2024Modeling multiplicative interaction effects in Gaussian structured additive regression modelsAschersleben, Philipp; Granna, Julian; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan; Umlauf, Nikolaus; Steiner, Winfried J.
2024A parsimonious hedonic distributional regression model for large data with heterogeneous covariate effectsGranna, Julian; Lang, Stefan; Umlauf, Nikolaus
2024Conditional payments for democracy to local leaders managing natural resources in rural NamibiaSteimanis, Ivo; Blanco, Esther; Vollan, Björn
2024The consequences of narrow framing for risk-taking: A stress test of myopic loss aversionSchwaiger, Rene; Strucks, Markus; Zeisberger, Stefan
2024From individual choices to the 4-eyes-principle: The big robber game revisited among financial professionals and studentsBachler, Sebastian; Holzknecht, Armando; Huber, Jürgen; Kirchler, Michael
2023Nature experiences and pro-environmental behavior: Evidence from a randomized controlled trialFlecke, Sarah Lynn; Schwaiger, Rene; Huber, Jürgen; Kirchler, Michael
2023The cost of influence: How gifts to physicians shape prescriptions and drug costsNewham, Melissa; Valente, Marica
2023Donations to increase productivity in public good production: Experimental evidenceStruwe, Natalie; Blanco, Esther; Walker, James
2023Grit, discounting, & time inconsistencyKönig-Kersting, Christian; Trautmann, Stefan T.
2023No response to changes in marginal incentives in one-shot public good experimentsStruwe, Natalie; Blanco, Esther; Walker, James
2023First-order and higher-order inflation expectations: Evidence about households and firmsKieren, Pascal; König-Kersting, Christian; Schmidt, Robert J.; Trautmann, Stefan T.; Theurich, Franziska
2023Informal employment from migration shocksValente, Marica; Gries, Timm; Trapani, Lorenzo
2023Climate crisis attitudes among financial professionals and climate expertsGsottbauer, Elisabeth; Kirchler, Michael; König-Kersting, Christian
2023Carbon pricing, carbon dividends and cooperation: Experimental evidenceBachler, Sebastian; Flecke, Sarah Lynn; Huber, Jürgen; Kirchler, Michael; Schwaiger, Rene
2023Determinants of financial literacy and behavioral bias among adolescentsAschenwald, Marco; Holzknecht, Armando; Kirchler, Michael; Razen, Michael
2023Heterogeneity in rent-seeking contests with multiple stages: Theory and experimental evidenceHoertnagl, Tanja; Kerschbamer, Rudolf; Oexl, Regine; Stracke, Rudi; Sunde, Uwe
2023High minority power facilitates democratization across ethnic fault linesGlowacki, Luke; Morath, Florian; Rusch, Hannes
2023Does unfairness hurt women? The effects of losing unfair competitionsPiasenti, Stefano; Valente, Marica; van Veldhuizen, Roel; Pfeifer, Gregor
2023Which income comparisons matter to people, and how? Evidence from a large field experimentXu, Xiaogeng; Metsälampi, Satu; Kirchler, Michael; Kotakorpi, Kaisa; Matthews, Peter Hans; Miettinen, Topi
2023Heterogeneity in effect size estimates: Empirical evidence and practical implicationsHolzmeister, Felix; Johannesson, Magnus; Böhm, Robert; Dreber, Anna; Huber, Jürgen; Kirchler, Michael
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 461