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1997 International environmental agreements: Incentives and political economyCarraro, Carlo; Siniscalco, Domenico
1997 Privatisations and institutions: A cross-country analysisBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico; Vitalini, Serena
1997 On institutions that produce and disseminate knowledgeBarba Navaretti, Giorgio; Dasgupta, Partha; Mäler, Karl-Göran; Siniscalco, Domenico
1998 Food production, population growth, and environmental securityDaily, Gretchen; Dasgupta, Partha; Bolin, Bert; Crosson, Pierre; du Guerny, Jacques; Ehrlich, Paul; Folke, Carl; Jansson, Ann Marie; Jansson, Bengt-Owe; Kautsky, Nils; Kinzig, Ann; Levin, Simon; Mäler, Karl-Göran; Pinstrup-Andersen, Per; Siniscalco, Domenico; Walker Brian;
1998 Regulation and privatisation: The case of electricityBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico
2000 The response of companies to information-based environmental policiesSiniscalco, Domenico; Borghini, Stefania; Fantini, Marcella; Ranghieri, Federica
2000 Privatisation and Institutions: A Cross Country AnalysisBortolotti, Bernardo; Siniscalco, Domenico; Fantini, Marcella
2001 Science vs. Profit in Research. Lessons from the Human Genome ProjectCarraro, Carlo; Pomè, Alessandra; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Science vs. profit in research: Lessons from the human genome projectCarraro, Carlo; Pomè, Alessandra; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Privatisation around the world: New evidence from panel dataBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico
2001 Privatisation Around the World: New Evidence from Panel DataBortolotti, Bernardo; Fantini, Marcella; Siniscalco, Domenico