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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Learning in evolutionary environmentsDosi, Giovanni; Marengo, Luigi; Fagiolo, Giogio
2002 The uneasy organizational matching between distribution of knowledge, division of labor and incentive governanceDosi, Giovanni; Levinthal, Daniel; Marengo, Luigi
2002 The economics of system integration: Toward an evolutionary interpretationDosi, Giovanni; Hobday, Mike; Marengo, Luigi; Prencipe, Andrea
2003 Endogenous networks in random population gamesFagiolo, Giorgio; Marengo, Luigi; Valente, Marco
2003 Organizational capabilities, patterns of knowledge accumulation and governance structures in business firms: An introductionDosi, Giovanni; Faillo, Marco; Marengo, Luigi
2003 Division of labor, organizational coordination and markt mechanism in collective problem-solvingMarengo, Luigi; Dosi, Giovanni
2005 How to construct alternatives: A computational voting modelMarengo, Luigi; Pasquali, Corrado
2006 Toward formal representations and routines in organizational problem solving: An assessment of the state of the artDosi, Giovanni; Faillo, Marco; Marengo, Luigi
2006 How much should society fuel the greed of innovators? On the relations between appropriability, opportunities and rates of innovationDosi, Giovanni; Marengo, Luigi; Pasquali, Corrado
2007 On the convergence of evolutionary and behavioral theories of organizations: A tentative roadmapDosi, Giovanni; Marengo, Luigi
2008 The construction of choice: A computational voting modelMarengo, Luigi; Pasquali, Corrado
2008 Social choice on complex objects: A geometric approachMarengo, Luigi; Settepanella, Simona
2009 Firm size, managerial practices and innovativeness: Some evidence from Finnish manufacturingKoski, Heli; Marengo, Luigi; Mäkinen, Iiro
2009 Appropriability, patents, and rates of innovation in complex products industriesMarengo, Luigi; Pasquali, Corrado; Valente, Marco; Dosi, Giovanni
2009 Managerial practices, performance and innovativeness: Some evidence from Finnish manufacturingKoski, Heli; Marengo, Luigi; Mäkinen, Iiro
2010 How to get what you want when you do not know what you want: A model of incentives, organizational structure and learningMarengo, Luigi; Pasquali, Corrado
2010 Social choice among complex objectsMarengo, Luigi; Settepanella, Simona
2011 Modeling routines and organizational learning: A discussion of the state-of-the-artDosi, Giovanni; Faillo, Marco; Marengo, Luigi; Moschella, Daniele
2012 Decidability in complex social choicesMarengo, Luigi; Pirino, Davide; Settepanella, Simona; Takemura, Akimichi
2012 Decidability and manipulability in social choiceAmendola, Gennaro; Marengo, Luigi; Settepanella, Simona