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2006 Weak Instruments and Weak Identification in Estimating the Effects of Education on DemocracyBobba, Matteo; Coviello, Decio
2006 Multilateral intermediation of foreign aid: What is the trade-off for donor countries?Powell, Andrew; Bobba, Matteo
2007 Aid effectiveness: Politics mattersBobba, Matteo; Powell, Andrew
2007 On the determinants of international currency choice: Will the euro dominate the world?Bobba, Matteo; Della Corte, Giuseppe; Powell, Andrew
2011 Policy-Induced Social Interactions and Schooling DecisionsBobba, Matteo; Gignoux, Jeremie
2016 Learning about Oneself: The Effects of Performance Feedback on School ChoiceBobba, Matteo; Frisancho, Veronica
2016 Learning about oneself: The effects of performance feedback on school choiceBobba, Matteo; Frisancho Robles, Verónica
2017 High School Track Choice and Liquidity Constraints: Evidence from Urban MexicoAvitabile, Ciro; Bobba, Matteo; Pariguana, Marco
2017 Labor Market Search, Informality and Schooling InvestmentsBobba, Matteo; Flabbi, Luca; Levy Algazi, Santiago
2018 Labor market search, informality and schooling investmentsBobba, Matteo; Flabbi, Luca; Levy, Santiago
2019 Labor Market Search, Informality, and On-The-Job Human Capital AccumulationBobba, Matteo; Flabbi, Luca; Levy Algazi, Santiago; Tejada, Mauricio
2020 Self-Perceptions about Academic Achievement: Evidence from Mexico CityBobba, Matteo; Frisancho, Veronica
2020 Self-perceptions about academic achievement: Evidence from Mexico CityBobba, Matteo; Frisancho Robles, Verónica
2021 Enhancing Human Capital at ScaleAgostinelli, Francesco; Avitabile, Ciro; Bobba, Matteo
2021 Teacher Compensation and Structural Inequality: Evidence from Centralized Teacher School Choice in PerúBobba, Matteo; Ederer, Tim; Leon-Ciliotta, Gianmarco; Neilson, Christopher A.; Nieddu, Marco