24th European Regional ITS Conference, Florence 2013

This collection contains papers of the

24th European Regional ITS Conference, Florence, Italy, 20th-23rd October 2013

"Technology, Investment and Uncertainty"

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2014 Assessing access problems in online media platformsGraef, Inge; Wahyuningtyas, Sih Yuliana; Valcke, Peggy
2013 Dynamics of broadbands demand: Substitution or complementarity between fixed and mobile technologies? An application to the Portuguese caseSilva, Rita Filipe; Proença, Isabel; Vareda, João
2013 Governing network neutrality: Public perception and policy capacityShin, Donghee
2013 Toward capacity-efficient, cost-efficient and power-efficient deployment strategy for indoor mobile broadbandWidaa, Ashraf Awadelakrim; Markendahl, Jan; Ghanbari, Amirhossein
2013 Residential mobile phone users complaints' in SpainPérez-Amaral, Teodosio; Gijón, Covadonga; Garín-Muñoz, Teresa; López, Rafael
2013 Moving from command and control to flexible use and to a spectrum commonsPrasad, Rohit; Sridhar, V.
2013 Geographically differentiated NGA deploymentTselekounis, Markos; Xylogianni, Eirini; Varoutas, Dimitris; Martakos, Drakoulis
2013 Russian information and communication technologies, and infrastructure formation of innovation economyPetukhova, Svetlana; Strepetova, Margarita
2013 Analyzing competitive effects between fixed and mobile broadbandWulf, Jochen; Brenner, Walter
2013 Does one more or one less mobile opertor affect prices? A comprehensive ex-post evaluation of entries and mergers in European mobile telecommunication marketsCsorba, Gergely; Pápai, Zoltán
2013 On the weal and woe of internet traffic management in Europe: A critical appraisal from a network economic perspectiveStocker, Volker
2013 Regulations for and against cooperation in smallcells: How could regulations stimulate co-opetition by supporting sharing?Ghanbari, Amirhossein; Markendahl, Jan; Widaa, Ashraf Awadelakrim
2013 Net neutrality at internet backbone provider levelBaglioni, Laura; Calabrese, Armando; Ghiron, Nathan Levialdi
2013 A research on ICT standards management based on standards reusability analysisLee, Younkwan; Cha, H. K.; Park, W.; Ha, S. W.; Lee, B. N.; Park, K.
2013 Regulating access to the fiber in Turkey: Would regulatory holiday be a tool to increase the investment of operators?Ünver, Mehmet Bilal; İlhan, Erhan
2013 Current issues of the Japanese mobile phone market caused by smartphonesShinohara, Sobee; Akematsu, Yuji; Morikawa, Hiroyuki; Tsuji, Masatsugu
2013 Impact of broadband speed on household income: Comparing OECD and BICRohman, Ibrahim Kholilul; Bohlin, Erik
2013 Complementing macrocell deficits with either smallcells or Wi-Fi-willingness to choose based on the cost-capacity analysisPopescu, Razvan; Ghanbari, Amirhossein; Markendahl, Jan
2013 Efficiency of transport infrastructure and ICT developmentYoon, Chang-Ho; Na, Kyoung-Youn
2013 From hybrid TV towards transmedia: Recent marketing advances of the New Media developmentsHsu, Wen-yi; Shih, Stone
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 92
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