24th European Regional ITS Conference, Florence 2013

This collection contains papers of the

24th European Regional ITS Conference, Florence, Italy, 20th-23rd October 2013

"Technology, Investment and Uncertainty"

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2014 Assessing access problems in online media platformsGraef, Inge; Wahyuningtyas, Sih Yuliana; Valcke, Peggy
2013 Assessing access problems in online media platformsValcke, Peggy; Wahyuningtyas, Sih Yuliana; Graef, Inge
2013 How liberalized is the optical fiber broadband market? Examining the role of public money in the fiber deployment in SwedenSandgren, Patrik; Mölleryd, Bengt G.
2013 Investment strategies for different actors in indoor mobile market: "In view of the emerging spectrum authorization schemes"Widaa, Ashraf Awadelakrim; Markendahl, Jan; Ghanbari, Amirhossein
2013 Digital switchover in TaiwanPeng, Bonnie
2013 The dilemma of electronic books in the mobile age in TaiwanTseng, Kuo-Feng
2013 Regulation, investment and efficiency in the transition to next generation networks: Evidence from the European UnionRajabiun, Reza; Middleton, Catherine
2013 Electronic communications regulation in Europe: An overview of past and future problemsParcu, Pier Luigi; Silvestri, Virginia
2013 Mixed method research: Combining mobile log data and questionnairesBouwman, Harry; de Reuver, Mark; Nikou, Shahrokh
2013 Structure of technology evolution: The way on which ICT industry emerged in KoreaKim, Kibae; Jung, Sungdo; Lee, Changjun; Hwang, Junseok
2013 The evolution of the generalized differentiated services architecture and the changing role of the internet engineering task forceKnieps, Günter
2013 How to price the unbundled local loop in the transition from copper to fiber access networks?Neumann, Karl-Heinz; Vogelsang, Ingo
2013 The effects of asymmetric regulation on the quality of broadband networksKocsis, Viktória
2013 When trust fades...: Can optimal mechanisms for policy decisions always be designed?Major, Iván
2013 Policymaking for the PSTN-to-IP transition within federalism: Lessons from US v. Canadian experimentationCherry, Barbara A.
2013 Are classroom internet use and academic performance higher after government broadband subsidies to primary schools?Hyland, Marie; Layte, Richard; Lyons, Sean; McCoy, Selina; Silles, Mary
2013 Institutions, regulation and governance of the internet: A European perspective on traffic, uses and business practices in the digital economyLiebenau, Jonathan; Elaluf-Calderwood, Silvia
2013 From upgrade to uptake: The effect of mobile internet infrastructure on usage of local online servicesMang, Constantin
2013 Electronic communications services in the world of apps: Regulatory challengesRuhle, Ernst-Olav; Freund, Natascha
2013 Estimation of switching costs and network effects in mobile telecommunications in PolandCzajkowski, Mikołaj; Sobolewski, Maciej
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 93
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