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2022 Trade liberalization, consumption shifting and pollution: Evidence from Mexico's used vehicle importsChen, Liang; Garcia-Medina, Cecilia; Wan, Rui
2022 The effect of paying parents to adopt: Evidence from Minnesota's foster-care systemBishop, Kelly C.; Mac Donald, Diana E.
2021 A sentiment-based risk indicator for the Mexican financial sectorRho, Caterina; Fernández, Raúl; Palma, Brenda
2021 Around-the-clock USD/MXN volatility: Macroeconomic announcement spillovers and FX market intervention mechanismsPedroza, Wilfrido Jurado
2021 Measuring the evolution of competition and the impact of the financial reform in the Mexican banking sector, 2008-2019Bátiz-Zuk, Enrique; Sánchez, José Luis Lara
2021 A multivariate analysis of SIEFORE daily returnsCalderón-Colín, Roberto; Carmona Sánchez, Juan F.
2021 Should monetary policy lean against the wind in a small-open economy? Revisiting the Tinbergen ruleRogelio De la Peña
2021 Do bankruptcy protection levels affect households' demand for stocks?Dal Borgo, Mariela
2021 Evaluating the effects of the Home Affordable Modification ProgramCóndor, Richard
2021 Efectos de choques no anticipados en el ingreso sobre el consumo en México, 2000-2016Llamosas-Rosas, Irving; Rangel González, Erick
2021 The yield curve as a predictor of economic activity in Mexico: The role of the term premiumIbarra-Ramírez, Raúl
2021 Exploring the sources of loan default clustering using survival analysis with frailtyBátiz-Zuk, Enrique; Mohamed, Abdulkadir; Sánchez-Cajal, Fátima
2021 The impact of the capture of leaders of criminal organizations on the labor market: Evidence from MexicoOsuna Gómez, Daniel
2021 Revisiting the link between systemic risk and competition based on network theory and interbank exposuresBátiz-Zuk, Enrique; Lara-Sánchez, José L.
2021 The effect of tropical cyclones on economic activities: Micro level evidence from Mexico for secondary and tertiary activitiesJuarez-Torres, Miriam; Puigvert, Jonathan
2021 Observando la evolución del sector informal desde el espacio: Un enfoque municipal 2013-2020Rangel González, Erick; Llamosas-Rosas, Irving
2021 Informal labor markets in times of pandemic: Evidence for Latin America and policy optionsLeyva, Gustavo; Urrutia, Carlos
2021 Financial frictions in Mexico: Evidence from the credit spread and its componentsCarabarín Aguirre, Mauricio; Peláez Gómez, Carlos D.
2021 Inversión extranjera directa y productividad laboral en la industria manufacturera regionalRangel González, Erick; López Ornelas, Luis Fernando
2021 The impact of trade liberalization on the Mexican automobile industry: Evidence from the first 20 years of NAFTALópez Noria, Gabriela
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 302