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2022 Trade liberalization, consumption shifting and pollution: Evidence from Mexico's used vehicle importsChen, Liang; Garcia-Medina, Cecilia; Wan, Rui
2022 The effect of paying parents to adopt: Evidence from Minnesota's foster-care systemBishop, Kelly C.; Mac Donald, Diana E.
2022 Salience and taxation with imperfect competitionKroft, Kory; Laliberté, Jean-William P.; Vizcaíno, René Leal; Notowidigdo, Matthew J.
2022 Inequality, income dynamics, and transitions of Mexican workersPuggioni, Daniela; Calderón, Mariana; Cebreros, Alfonso; Fernández Bujanda, León; Inguanzo, José A.; Jaume, David
2022 The influence of global inflation on emerging market economies' inflationArango-Castillo, Lenin; Orraca, María José; Molina Martínez, G. Stefano
2022 The role of clusters in the performance of the Mexican economyJuarez-Torres, Miriam; Puigvert-Angulo, Jonathan; Zazueta-Borboa, Francisco
2022 City minimum wages and spatial equilibrium effectsPérez Pérez, Jorge
2022 Intra-household resource shares under poverty transfers: Evidence from EcuadorCasco, José L.
2022 Internal migration and drug violence in MexicoAldeco Leo, Lorenzo Rodrigo; Jurado, Jose A.; Ramírez-Álvarez, Aurora Alejandra
2022 Disentangling the effects of large minimum wage and VAT changes on prices: Evidence from MexicoCalderón Cerbón, Mariana; Cortés Espada, Josué Fernando; Pérez Pérez, Jorge; Salcedo, Alejandrina
2022 Optimal robust monetary policy in a small open economyAndré, Marine Charlotte; Medina Espidio, Sebastián
2022 Imperfect law enforcement, informality, and organized crimeMascarúa, Lara Miguel A.
2022 Visualization, identification, and estimation in the linear panel event study designFreyaldenhoven, Simon; Hansen, Christian Bailey; Pérez Pérez, Jorge; Shapiro, Jesse M.
2022 Nonlinear pricing under regulation: Comparing cap rules and taxes in the laboratoryNuño Ledesma, José G.; Wu, Steven Y.
2022 Determinantes de los precios de las colegiaturas de las universidades privadas en México 2005-2019Flores Márquez, Miguel; Salcedo, Alejandrina; Torre, Leondardo
2022 An approach for housing wealth estimation: The Mexican caseGarcía, Ana Laura; González, Juan Pedro; Velázquez, Jhasua
2022 Regulation through reference pricesSalgado, Alfredo
2021 Exploring the sources of loan default clustering using survival analysis with frailtyBátiz-Zuk, Enrique; Mohamed, Abdulkadir; Sánchez-Cajal, Fátima
2021 The impact of the capture of leaders of criminal organizations on the labor market: Evidence from MexicoOsuna Gómez, Daniel
2021 Revisiting the link between systemic risk and competition based on network theory and interbank exposuresBátiz-Zuk, Enrique; Lara-Sánchez, José L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 317