MNB Working Papers, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 The impact of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank's funding for growth scheme on firm level investmentEndresz, Marianna; Harasztosi, Peter; Lieli, Robert P.
2015 A general equilibrium approach of retail paymentsIlyés, Tamás; Varga, Lóránt
2015 Learning and the market for housingRots, Eyno
2015 Explaining bond and equity premium puzzles jointly in a DSGE modelKaszab, Lorant; Marsal, Ales
2015 Estimates of the Non-accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment (NAIRU) for HungarySzabó, Lajos Tamás
2014 Corporate foreign currency borrowing and investment: The case of HungaryEndrész, Marianna; Harasztosi, Péter
2014 Early warning indicators: Financial and macroeconomic imbalances in Central and Eastern European countriesCsortos, Orsolya; Szalai, Zoltán
2014 Carry trade, uncovered interest parity and monetary policyFelcser, Dániel; Vonnák, Balázs
2013 Sticky price inflation index: An alternative core inflation measureReiff, Ádám; Várhegyi, Judit
2013 The Hungarian Monetary Policy ModelSzilágyi, Katalin; Baksa, Dániel; Benes, Jaromir; Horváth, Ágnes; Köber, Csaba; Soós, Gábor D.
2013 Global, regional and country-specific components of financial market indicators: An extraction method and applicationsKocsis, Zalán
2012 Voting by monetary policy committees: Evidence from the CEE inflation-targeting countriesJung, Alexander; Kiss, Gergely
2012 The role of external and country specific factors in Hungarian inflation developmentsKrusper, Balázs
2012 Which aspects of central bank transparency matter? Constructing a weighted transparency indexCsávás, Csaba; Erhart, Szilárd; Felcser, Dániel; Naszódi, Anna
2012 Assessing changes of the Hungarian tax and transfer system: A general-equilibrium microsimulation approachBenczúr, Péter; Kátay, Gábor; Kiss, Áron
2012 The sectoral effects of monetary policy in Hungary: A structural factor analysisPellényi, Gábor
2012 Need for speed: Is faster trade in the EU trade-creating?Hornok, Cecília
2012 Currency mismatch and the sub-prime crisis: Firm-level stylised facts from HungaryEndrész, Mariann; Gyöngyösi, Győző; Harasztosi, Péter
2012 Is there a carry trade channel of monetary policy in emerging countries?Kisgergely, Kornél
2011 Testing the asset pricing model of exchange rates with survey dataNaszódi, Anna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 82