MNB Working Papers, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 Estimates of the Non-accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment (NAIRU) for HungarySzabó, Lajos Tamás
2015 A general equilibrium approach of retail paymentsIlyés, Tamás; Varga, Lóránt
2015 The impact of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank's funding for growth scheme on firm level investmentEndresz, Marianna; Harasztosi, Peter; Lieli, Robert P.
2015 Learning and the market for housingRots, Eyno
2015 Explaining bond and equity premium puzzles jointly in a DSGE modelKaszab, Lorant; Marsal, Ales
2014 Corporate foreign currency borrowing and investment: The case of HungaryEndrész, Marianna; Harasztosi, Péter
2014 Early warning indicators: Financial and macroeconomic imbalances in Central and Eastern European countriesCsortos, Orsolya; Szalai, Zoltán
2014 Carry trade, uncovered interest parity and monetary policyFelcser, Dániel; Vonnák, Balázs
2013 Global, regional and country-specific components of financial market indicators: An extraction method and applicationsKocsis, Zalán
2013 The Hungarian Monetary Policy ModelSzilágyi, Katalin; Baksa, Dániel; Benes, Jaromir; Horváth, Ágnes; Köber, Csaba; Soós, Gábor D.
2013 Sticky price inflation index: An alternative core inflation measureReiff, Ádám; Várhegyi, Judit
2012 Assessing changes of the Hungarian tax and transfer system: A general-equilibrium microsimulation approachBenczúr, Péter; Kátay, Gábor; Kiss, Áron
2012 Voting by monetary policy committees: Evidence from the CEE inflation-targeting countriesJung, Alexander; Kiss, Gergely
2012 Need for speed: Is faster trade in the EU trade-creating?Hornok, Cecília
2012 The sectoral effects of monetary policy in Hungary: A structural factor analysisPellényi, Gábor
2012 Is there a carry trade channel of monetary policy in emerging countries?Kisgergely, Kornél
2012 Currency mismatch and the sub-prime crisis: Firm-level stylised facts from HungaryEndrész, Mariann; Gyöngyösi, Győző; Harasztosi, Péter
2012 The role of external and country specific factors in Hungarian inflation developmentsKrusper, Balázs
2012 Which aspects of central bank transparency matter? Constructing a weighted transparency indexCsávás, Csaba; Erhart, Szilárd; Felcser, Dániel; Naszódi, Anna
2011 Testing the asset pricing model of exchange rates with survey dataNaszódi, Anna
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 102