MNB Working Papers, Magyar Nemzeti Bank

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 The effect of tightness on wages at the regional level in three Central European countriesSzabó, Lajos Tamás
2019 Fiscal policy and the nominal term premiumHorváth, Roman; Kaszab, Lóránt; Marsal, Ales
2018 Asymmetric volatility spillovers between developed and developing European countriesBevilacqua, Mattia
2018 Bank efficiency differences across Central and Eastern EuropeSzékely, Barnabás
2018 News-based indices on country fundamentals: Do they help explain sovereign credit spread fluctuations?Fulop, Andras; Kocsis, Zalán
2017 A model of bank behaviour for the assessment of the potential balance sheet impact of the NSFR liquidity requirementLang, Péter
2017 Harmonic distances and systemic stability in heterogeneous interbank networksFukker, Gábor
2017 Cross-border portfolio diversification under trade linkagesKhalil, Makram
2017 Public wage spillovers: The role of individual characteristics and employer wage policiesTelegdy, Álmos
2017 Impact evaluation of EU subsidies for economic development on the Hungarian SME sectorBanai, Ádám; Lang, Péter; Nagy, Gábor; Stancsics, Martin
2017 An agent based Keynesian model with credit cycles and countercyclical capital bufferHosszú, Zsuzsanna; Mérîo, Bence
2017 FISS: A factor based index of systemic stress in the financial systemSzendrei, Tibor; Varga, Katalin
2017 In lands of foreign currency credit, bank lending channels run through?Ongena, Steven; Schindele, Ibolya; Vonnák, Dzsamila
2017 The EAGLE model for Hungary: A global perspectiveBékési, Lászlo; Kaszab, Lóránt; Szentmihályi, Szabolcs
2016 Accounting versus real production responses among firms to tax incentives: Bunching evidence from HungaryMosberger, Pálma
2016 The macroeconomic forecasting model of the MNBBékési, László; Köber, Csaba; Kucsera, Henrik; Várnai, Tímea; Világi, Balázs
2016 A long-term evaluation of recent Hungarian pension reformsFreudenberg, Christoph; Berki, Tamás; Reiff, Ádám
2016 The impact of credit supply shocks and a new FCI based on a FAVAR approachHosszú, Zsuzsanna
2015 The impact of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank's funding for growth scheme on firm level investmentEndresz, Marianna; Harasztosi, Peter; Lieli, Robert P.
2015 Learning and the market for housingRots, Eyno
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 120