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[Journal:] Management Revue [ISSN:] 1861-9916 [Volume:] 16 [Issue:] 4 [Publisher:] Rainer Hampp Verlag [Place:] Mering [Year:] 2005 [Pages:] 494-511
Rainer Hampp Verlag, Mering
This paper investigates changes in collective bargaining policy in the German cleaning industry in recent years. It uses the Socio-economic Panel (GSOEP) to survey employees on employment conditions and expert interviews with key members of the industry to look at possible new paths of development in the industry as well as the range of attitudes of the players involved. The socio-demography of the employees in the industry was given close attention and, with regard to collective labour agreements in the industry, the role of factors such as temporary employment and the EU eastern enlargement were taken into account in light of a climate of economic difficulties. This study uses Berlin to exemplify the current situation in this industry.
building caretakers
precarious work
cleaning industry
German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP)
collective bargaining policy
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