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Freiling, Jörg
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[Journal:] Management Revue [ISSN:] 1861-9916 [Volume:] 15 [Year:] 2004 [Issue:] 1 [Pages:] 27-52
The research question of the article is: Does the competence-based view, representing a theory of sustaining competitive advantage, offer simultaneously a comprehensive theory of the firm? In order to develop an answer, it appears to be necessary to elaborate the theoretical basis of the competence-based view by delimitating this perspective from the resource-based one. The scrutiny suggests that the competencebased view represents a theory of the firm with other answers than current theories of the firm in use. Moreover, not all the answers of the competence-based view as to the theory of the firm are convincing. Therefore, fundamental weaknesses and shortcomings, which can be dispelled, are pointed out.
competence-based view
resource-based view
theory of the firm
isolating mechanisms
open system view
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