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2017 Anger management: Aggression and punishment in the provision of public goodsGee, Laura K.; Lyu, Xinxin; Urry, Heather
2017 Topological aspects of the multi-language phases of the naming game on community-based networksPalombi, Filippo; Toti, Simona
2017 The welfare cost of signalingYang, Fan; Harstad, Ronald M.
2017 Strategy constrained by cognitive limits, and the rationality of belief-revision policiesSperry-Taylor, Ashton T.
2017 Economic harmony: An epistemic theory of economic interactionsSuleiman, Ramzi
2017 Cognitive hierarchy theory and two-person gamesGracia-Lázaro, Carlos; Floría, Luis Mario; Moreno, Yamir
2017 Interdependent defense games with applications to Internet security at the level of autonomous systemsChan, Hau; Ceyko, Michael; Ortiz, Luis
2017 Swap equilibria under link and vertex destructionKliemann, Lasse; Sheykhdarabadi, Elmira Shirazi; Srivastav, Anand
2017 On information aggregation and interim efficiency in networksJimenez-Martinez, Antonio
2017 The integer nucleolus of directed simple games: A characterization and an algorithmWolff, Reiner
2017 The evolution of reputation-based cooperation in regular networksSasaki, Tatsuya; Yamamoto, Hitoshi; Okada, Isamu; Uchida, Satoshi
2017 Assessing others' risk-taking behavior from their affective states: Experimental evidence using a stag hunt gameKausel, Edgar E.
2017 Cyclic competition and percolation in grouping predator-prey populationsLütz, Alessandra F.; Cazaubiel, Annette; Arenzon, Jeferson J.
2017 Social pressure and environmental effects on networks: A path to cooperationPereda, María; Vilone, Daniele
2017 A Nobel Prize for property rights theoryHolden, Richard
2016 The influence of mobility rate on spiral waves in spatial rock-paper-scissors gamesMobilia, Mauro; Rucklidge, Alastair M.; Szczesny, Bartosz
2016 Evolution of mindsight and psychological commitment among strategically interacting agentsRtischev, Dimitry
2016 Evolutionary game between commensal and pathogenic microbes in intestinal microbiotaWu, Amy; Ross, David
2016 Payoff shares in two-player contestsHäfner, Samuel; Nöldeke, Georg
2016 Trait emotional intelligence is related to risk taking when adolescents make deliberative decisionsPanno, Angelo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 200