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2014 Introducing disappointment dynamics and comparing behaviors in evolutionary games: Some simulation resultsPatokos, Tassos
2014 Characterizing the incentive compatible and pareto optimal efficiency space for two players, k Items, public budget and quasilinear utilitiesLerner, Anat; Gonen, Rica
2014 Sequential rationality in continuous no-limit pokerNorman, Thomas W. L.
2014 Acknowledgement to reviewers of Games in 2013Games Editorial Office, MDPI AG
2014 Schelling, von Neumann, and the event that didn't occurField, Alexander J.
2014 Examining monotonicity and saliency using level-k reasoning in a voting gameBassi, Anna; Williams, Kenneth C.
2013 The effects of entry in bilateral oligopolyDickson, Alex
2013 The incompatibility of Pareto optimality and dominant-strategy incentive compatibility in sufficiently-anonymous budget-constrained quasilinear settingsGonen, Rica; Lerner, Anat
2013 Two pricing mechanisms in sponsored search advertisingYang, Wei; Feng, Youyi; Xiao, Baichun
2013 An equilibrium analysis of Knaster's fair division procedureVan Essen, Matt
2013 Divorce costs and marital dissolution in a one-to-one matching framework with nontransferable utilitiesSaglam, Ismail
2013 Reciprocity in locating contributions: Experiments on the neighborhood public good gameBerninghaus, Siegfried; Güth, Werner; Schosser, Stephan
2013 Multidimensional screening with complementary activities: Regulating a monopolist with unknown cost and unknown preference for empire buildingBorges, Ana Pinto; Laussel, Didier; Correia-da-Silva, João
2013 Fairness in risky environments: Theory and evidenceVan Koten, Silvester; Ortmann, Andreas; Babicky, Vitezslav
2013 The Hitchhiker's Guide to adaptive dynamicsBrännström, Ake; Johansson, Jacob; von Festenberg, Niels
2013 Reciprocity effects in the trust gameSmith, Alexander
2013 A note on cooperative strategies in gladiators' gamesBallet, Jérôme; Bazin, Damien; Vranceanu, Radu
2013 Unraveling results from comparable demand and supply: An experimental investigationNiederle, Muriel; Roth, Alvin E.; Ünver, Utku
2013 Feature-based choice and similarity perception in normal-form games: An experimental studyDi Guida, Sibilla; Devetag, Giovanna
2013 Noncontractible investments and reference pointsHart, Oliver
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105