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2018 Does imperfect data privacy stop people from collecting personal data?Schudy, Simeon; Utikal, Verena
2018 Dynamic pricing decisions and seller-buyer interactions under capacity constraintsMak, Vincent; Rapoport, Amnon; Gisches, Eyran J.
2018 Theory of mind and general intelligence in dictator and ultimatum gamesLang, Hannes; DeAngelo, Gregory; Bongard, Michelle
2018 Game of thrones: Accommodating monetary policies in a monetary unionBlueschke, Dmitri; Neck, Reinhard
2018 A game-theoretic approach for modeling competitive diffusion over social networksJafari, Shahla; Navidi, Hamidreza
2018 How to analyze models of nonlinear public goodsArchetti, Marco
2018 Creating a domain of losses in the laboratory: Effects of endowment sizeSorensen, Andrea
2018 The optimal contract under adverse selection in a moral-hazard model with a risk-averse agentMaréchal, François; Thomas, Lionel
2018 Examining spillovers between long and short repeated prisoner's dilemma games played in the laboratoryArechar, Antonio A.; Kouchaki, Maryam; Rand, David G.
2018 Linear-quadratic mean-field-type games: A direct methodDuncan, Tyrone E.; Tembine, Hamidou
2018 Incentive magnitude effects in experimental games: Bigger is not necessarily betterPulford, Briony D.; Colman, Andrew M.; Loomes, Graham
2018 Optimal incentives in a principal-agent model with endogenous technologyMarini, Marco A.; Polidori, Paolo; Teobaldelli, Désirée; Ticchi, Davide
2018 The effects of excluding coalitionsHiller, Tobias
2018 On the query complexity of Black-Peg AB-mastermindOuali, Mourad El; Glazik, Christian; Sauerland, Volkmar; Srivastav, Anand
2018 From windfall sharing to property ownership: Prosocial personality traits in giving and taking dictator gamesZhao, Kun; Kashima, Yoshihisa; Smillie, Luke D.
2018 Achieving perfect coordination amongst agents in the co-action minority gameRajpal, Hardik; Dhar, Deepak
2018 Generalized trust, need for cognitive closure, and the perceived acceptability of personal data collectionChavanne, David
2018 Sharing loading costs for multi compartment vehiclesHartman, Bruce C.
2018 Voluntary disclosure of private information and unraveling in the market for lemons: An experimentBenndorf, Volker
2018 Personal-data disclosure in a field experiment: Evidence on explicit prices, political attitudes, and privacy preferencesPlesch, Joachim; Wolff, Irenaeus
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 266