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2022Random rank-dependent expected utilityKashaev, Nail; Aguiar, Victor H.
2022Overlapping climate clubs: Self-enforcing R&D networks to mitigate global warmingSilva, Emilson C. D.; Yamaguchi, Chikara
2022Mean-payoff games with ω-regular specificationsGutierrez, Julian; Steeples, Thomas; Wooldridge, Michael J.
2022Consciously uncertain: A Bayesian analysis of preferences formationStimolo, Marco; Beraldo, Sergio; Capasso, Salvatore; Filoso, Valerio
2022Competition and innovation in markets with technology leadersTsao, Ku-Chu; Mukherjee, Arijit; Ray, Achintya
2022The evolution of ambiguity in sender-receiver signaling gamesMühlenbernd, Roland; Wacewicz, Sławomir; Żywiczyński, Przemysław
2022An experimental study of strategic voting and accuracy of verdicts with sequential and simultaneous votingAnderson, Lisa R.; Holt, Charles A.; Sieberg, Katri K.; Freeborn, Beth A.
2022Evolution of social learning with payoff and content biasPerreault, Charles; Boyd, Robert
2022Self-enforcing collective counterterror retaliationOliveira, André L.; Silva, Emilson C. D.
2022White list: An administrative tool to contrast crimeBarletta, Amelia; Capuano, Carlo; De Iudicibus, Alessandro
2022A preface for the special issue "Economics of conflict and terrorism"Faria, João Ricardo; Arce M., Daniel G.
2022Correcting for random budgets in revealed preference experimentsMahmood, Mir Adnan; Rehbeck, John
2022A note on time inconsistency and endogenous exits from a currency unionSaito, Yuta
2022Conflicts with momentumBoudreau, James W.; Mathews, Timothy; Sanders, Shane; Bagchi, Aniruddha
2022Identification and control of game-based epidemic modelsMadeo, Dario; Mocenni, Chiara
2022Risk aversion, managerial reputation, and debt-equity conflictDodonova, Anna
2022What economists can learn from "The power of us: Harnessing our shared identities for personal and collective success" by Jay J. van Bavel and Dominick J. PackerGrieco, Daniela
2022The impact of discretionary measurement criteria on investors' judgement and decisionsGonçalves, Tiago Cruz
2022Structural stability of coalitions: A formal model highlighting the role of participants positioned between members and neutral actorsMonsuur, Herman; Janssen, René
2022An adaptive model of demand adjustment in weighted majority gamesMontero, María; Possajennikov, Alexandre
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 553