International Transport Forum Discussion Papers

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2015 EU Air transport liberalisation: Process, impacts and future considerationsBurghouwt, Guillaume; Mendes de Leon, Pablo; De Wit, Jaap
2015 Dominant carrier performance and international liberalisation: The case of North East AsiaFu, Xiaowen; Oum, Tae Hoon
2015 L'évaluation ex-post des investissements et interventions publiques dans les transports: Conditions préalables des évaluations ex-post et difficultés méthodologiques. Synthèse et conclusions de la table rondeWorsley, Tom
2015 Ex-post assessment of transport investments and policy interventions: Prerequisites for ex-post assessments and methodological challenges. Summary and conclusions of the roundtableWorsley, Tom
2015 Public transport provision in rural and sparsely populated areas in NorwayDotterud Leiren, Merethe; Skollerud, Kåre
2015 Policy strategies for vehicle electrificationLindberg, Gunnar; Fridstrøm, Lasse
2015 Efficiency in railway operations and infrastructure managementMakovsek, Dejan; Benezech, Vincent; Perkins, Stephen
2015 Port hinterland connectivityMerk, Olaf; Notteboom, Theo
2015 Passenger transport in rural and sparsely populated areas in FranceSaroli, Christophe
2015 Shifting towards low carbon mobility systemsAguilar Jaber, Aimée; Glocker, Daniela
2015 Tourism facilitation as part of transport policy: Summary of international experiences. A joint ITF-OECD studyOECD / International Transport Forum (Paris)
2015 Capitalising on the grey-haired globetrotters: Economic aspects of increasing tourism among older and disabled peopleFrye, Ann
2015 Publicly funded passenger transport services in FinlandKauppila, Jari
2015 The governance and regulation of ports: The case of ItalyFerrari, Claudio; Merk, Olaf
2015 Assessing the prospects for an EU-ASEAN air transport agreementKhee-Jin Tan, Alan
2015 Report on public transport provision in rural and depopulated areas in the United KingdomWhite, Peter
2015 Public private partnerships for transport infrastructure: Renegotiations, how to approach them and economic outcomesMakovsek, Dejan; Hasselgren, Bjorn; Perkins, Stephen
2015 The Regulatory Asset Base Model and the Project Finance Model: A comparative analysisMakovések, Dejan
2015 What do we mean by a level playing field in international aviation?Tretheway, Mike; Andriulaitis, Robert
2015 Liberalisation of international civil aviation: Charting the legal flightpathLykotrafiti, Antigoni
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 138