International Transport Forum Discussion Papers

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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 The regulatory asset base and project finance models: An analysis of incentives for efficiencyMakovšek, Dejan; Veryard, Daniel
2016 Estimating wider economic impacts in transport project prioritisation using ex-post analysisWeisbrod, Glen
2016 Forecasting travel time reliability in road transport: A new model for the NetherlandsKouwenhoven, Marco; Warffemius, Pim
2015 Liberalisation of international civil aviation: Charting the legal flightpathLykotrafiti, Antigoni
2015 Cruise shipping and urban development: State of the art of the industry and cruise portsPallis, Thanos
2015 EU Air transport liberalisation: Process, impacts and future considerationsBurghouwt, Guillaume; Mendes de Leon, Pablo; De Wit, Jaap
2015 Dominant carrier performance and international liberalisation: The case of North East AsiaFu, Xiaowen; Oum, Tae Hoon
2015 L'évaluation ex-post des investissements et interventions publiques dans les transports: Conditions préalables des évaluations ex-post et difficultés méthodologiques. Synthèse et conclusions de la table rondeWorsley, Tom
2015 The governance and regulation of ports: The case of ItalyFerrari, Claudio; Merk, Olaf
2015 Report on public transport provision in rural and depopulated areas in the United KingdomWhite, Peter
2015 Public transport provision in rural and sparsely populated areas in NorwayDotterud Leiren, Merethe; Skollerud, Kåre
2015 Assessing the prospects for an EU-ASEAN air transport agreementKhee-Jin Tan, Alan
2015 Ex-post assessment of transport investments and policy interventions: Prerequisites for ex-post assessments and methodological challenges. Summary and conclusions of the roundtableWorsley, Tom
2015 Shifting towards low carbon mobility systemsAguilar Jaber, Aimée; Glocker, Daniela
2015 Publicly funded passenger transport services in FinlandKauppila, Jari
2015 Efficiency in railway operations and infrastructure managementMakovsek, Dejan; Benezech, Vincent; Perkins, Stephen
2015 Port hinterland connectivityMerk, Olaf; Notteboom, Theo
2015 Policy strategies for vehicle electrificationLindberg, Gunnar; Fridstrøm, Lasse
2015 Passenger transport in rural and sparsely populated areas in FranceSaroli, Christophe
2015 Tourism facilitation as part of transport policy: Summary of international experiences. A joint ITF-OECD studyOECD / International Transport Forum (Paris)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 161