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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2015 We want them all covered! Collective bargaining and firm heterogeneity. Theory and evidence from GermanyBaumann, Florian; Brändle, Tobias
2015 The great trade collapse and the Spanish export miracle: Firm-level evidence from the crisisEppinger, Peter S.; Meythaler, Nicole; Sindlinger, Marc-Manuel; Smolka, Marcel
2015 The one constant: A causal effect of collective bargaining on employment growth? Evidence from German linked-employer-employee dataBrändle, Tobias; Goerke, Laszlo
2015 Collateral and local lending: Testing the lender-based theoryBellucci, Andrea; Borisov, Alexander; Giombini, Germana; Zazzaro, Alberto
2015 Coaching, counseling, case-working: Do they help the older unemployed out of benefit receipt and back into the labor market?Boockmann, Bernhard; Brändle, Tobias
2015 Mental representation of sharing experiments: Analyzing choice and belief dataGüth, Werner; Klempt, Charlotte; Pull, Kerstin
2014 Vermittlerstrategien und Arbeitsmarkterfolg: Evidenz aus kombinierten Prozess- und BefragungsdatenBoockmann, Bernhard; Osiander, Christopher; Stops, Michael
2014 Vertraulichkeit und Verfügbarkeit von MikrodatenRonning, Gerd
2014 Exploiting the potential for services offshoring: Evidence from German firmsEppinger, Peter S.
2014 Offshoring and outsourcing potentials of jobs: Evidence from German micro-level dataBrändle, Tobias; Koch, Andreas
2014 Does innovation affect credit access? New empirical evidence from Italian small business lendingBellucci, Andrea; Favaretto, Ilario; Giombini, Germana
2014 Sickness absence and works councils: Evidence from German individual and linked employer-employee dataArnold, Daniel; Brändle, Tobias; Goerke, Laszlo
2014 Ressourcenökonomische Konzepte zur Verbesserung der branchenbezogenen Datenlage bei nichtenergetischen RohstoffenKrumm, Raimund
2014 Do multinational retailers affect the export competitiveness of host countries?Cheptea, Angela
2014 Capital income shares and income inequality in 16 EU member countriesSchlenker, Eva; Schmid, Kai D.
2014 Offshoring potential and employment dynamicsBoockmann, Bernhard
2014 Evidenzbasierte Wirtschaftspolitik in Deutschland: Defizite und PotentialeBoockmann, Bernhard; Buch, Claudia M.; Schnitzer, Monika
2014 Is offshoring linked to offshoring potentials? Evidence from German linked-employer-employee dataBrändle, Tobias
2014 University knowledge and firm innovation: Evidence from European countriesBellucci, Andrea; Pennacchio, Luca
2013 Flexible collective bargaining agreements: Still a moderating effect on works council behaviour?Brändle, Tobias
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 119