The Constitutional Economics Network Working Papers, Universität Freiburg

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2019 Testing preferences for basic incomePalermo Kuss, Ana Helena
2018 Ausgestaltung einer Steuerpolitik zur Förderung von LED-BeleuchtungBlum, Bianca
2018 On the evidence of rebound effects in the lighting sector: Implications for promoting LED lightingBlum, Bianca; Hübner, Julian; Milde, Adrian; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2018 Experimentelles Design zur Untersuchung der Auswirkungen von fiskalpolitischen Instrumenten auf nachhaltige Kaufentscheidungen im LeuchtmittelmarktHübner, Julian
2018 Challenges for sustainable environmental policy: Influencing factors of the rebound effect in energy efficiency improvementsBlum, Bianca; Hübner, Julian; Müller, Sarah; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2018 Libertarian paternalistic instruments fostering sustainable energy consumption: An analysis based on energy-efficient LED technologyBlum, Bianca; Hübner, Julian; Berger, Harald; Neumärker, Karl Justus Bernhard
2018 The reversal of fortune, extractive institutions and the historical roots of racismBonick, Matthew; Farfán-Vallespín, Antonio
2017 Social justice in the context of redistributionKederer, Jan-Felix; Klein, Adelheid; Kovarich, Daniel; Kumm, Lena
2016 Social nudging with condorcet juries and its strategic implications for a paternalistic implementation of LED bulbsKalmbach, Bettina
2016 On the origin and consequences of racismBonick, Matthew; Farfán-Vallespín, Antonio
2016 An economic analysis of agrophotovoltaics: Opportunities, risks and strategies towards a more efficient land useTrommsdorff, Maximillian
2016 Einkommenszufriedenheit, Ungleichheitsaversion und die Schwäche des MedianwählermodellsBlümle, Gerold
2015 Could exit rules be self-enforcing in the EU? The cases of France and GermanyKappius, Robert; Neumärker, Bernhard
2015 Barriers and opportunities for climate adaptation: The water crisis in Greater São PauloCavalcante, Ana Helena A. P.
2015 Two level reform game problems of GreeceKontodaimon, Martha; Neumärker, Bernhard
2015 Intergenerational sharing of non-renewable resources: An experimental study using Rawls's Veil of IgnoranceWolf, Stephan; Dron, Cameron
2014 Institutional diagnostics of climate adaptationOberlack, Christoph
2013 A diagnostic approach to the institutional analysis of climate adaptationOberlack, Christoph; Neumärker, Bernhard
2013 Choosing inequality: An experimental analysis of the impact of social immobility on the democratic election of distribution rulesWolf, Stephan; Lenger, Alexander
2012 Rekonstruktive Forschungsmethoden in der deutschen Volkswirtschaftslehre: Eine explorative Erhebung zugrunde liegender RepräsentationsmusterLenger, Alexander; Kruse, Jan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 31
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